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Is it imperative to withdraw all the money before the year end?


I just wanted to knom ow if its necessary to withdraw all the money from fiverr before the year ends?


No. You can withdraw your money whenever you want.


And does Fiverr takes 2% (up to 1$) of total withdrawal when withdrawing by PayPal?

I have checked in Fiverr seller withdrawal policy, here Fiverr says that they don’t charge any fee when withdrawing by PayPal, so where goes 1$ of withdrawal fee? Is PayPal charge this fee?


No idea I am using Payoneer.


They took $1 per withdrawal but waived that fee recently, now withdrawal to PayPal is free :slight_smile: .
PayPal, however, will take currency conversion fees and apply their conversion rate when you send money from your PP to your non-US bank account.

You’ll have to look up that rate and the conversion rate on PP’s website, the rate may be country-specific (I pay 2.5%) and the conversion rate of course fluctuates.

But that doesn’t have to do with Fiverr, it’s between PP and your bank account. From Fiverr’s side, there is no withdrawal fee to PayPal anymore.