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Is it important to be active in Fiverr?

How important it is to always be active on Fiverr to get orders?


Which of the answers do you prefer?

A) Yes, important, because I want 1 hour response time.
B) No, not important, because Buyer will likely wait few hours more to get what they actually need.

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Think yourself as a buyer. What you will expect when you ping a seller and you need your work done asap, a quick response right? Try to be on-line as long as possible. It does not mean you have to sit 24 hours in front of computer. You can activate your notification manager, so you can here if you have a knock. Its your business and you have to find a way to keep your face active to your buyer.

it’s very important . best of luck.

Its a very important . Best of luck

How do you know that it is very important?


Because the buyer comes online anytime. Then the buyer finds the sellers online. And then the buyer orders one of them. So I think its a vary important

Tbh, it genuinely is impossible to be online/active 24/7 on Fiverr and nor has it been proven that staying online gets you more orders. Yes, it is important to be responsive to requests but not at the expense of you, your lifestyle or other aspects.

Buyers are rationale people - they know that timezones are in play and it may not be possible to get immediate responses from people on the other side of the world. If they have time on their hands, they’ll wait. If they have an urgent requirement, they’ll keep moving along and it’s okay. You’ll find other buyers who are prepared to wait for you to get back to them.


not very sure about this part to be honest :smiley:

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It’s a number 1 priority, to get the order on Fiverr
because buyer response is most important

Most sensible buyers (the type you want to work with) will be prepared to wait a few hours for a response. Buyers that expect a response immediately are usually terrible to work with - the sort that will cancel an order after delivery.

To everyone who says being online is very important. What are you basing this on? I’ve been selling on Fiverr for seven years, and have made hundreds of sales. Most of my orders take place when I am offline and doing other things in life - like sleeping.


are you the voice of god?

Very important. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good question, I believe this one is a firm myth. Example, go to Voice Overs, select local / UK and online, do this at any given time and there’s always a guy who comes up, almost like he’s got a browser window on refresh 24 hours a day: he has zero sales, therefore being online, verses selling, are two different things.

Being online isn’t anywhere as important as gig titles, thumbnails, being visible in searches and gig copy which converts. I’d put reading the terms and conditions as more important than being online all the time. In fact reading the terms here would eliminate the need for a lot of posts.

Like yourself, sleeping is how I’ve made most of my online revenues, different worlds but waking to orders is a great feeling no matter the marketplace. My alarm clock used to be a SMS with US overnight revenues. Bucks are great for breakfast!

Can I offer a simple, constrictive and polite single word of critique on your IVR demo?


Great voice, nice tonality, good pacing, and I can imagine you doing some great reads, but the echo is surely acting as a barrier to increased gig sales? Stuff something big and soft on the walls to absorb it and I’m sure your gig would benefit.