Is It Important to Have 90% Positive Rating for Buyer Request


Under 90% positive rating seller can not send buyer request for job. Is it necessary to have 90% positive rating. I think this is not important because buyer can select who is perfect his job with his budget. :smiley:

I can't send offers to buyers requests

I think it’s a Fiverr imposed limit to encourage sellers to be careful with their rating.


I think it’s a good place to start. While IMO 90% should not be thought of as harshly as it is, sellers shouldn’t begin to see smalll penalties at 90%. Buyer Requests is a good place to start. The seller needs a sharp realization that you have to be skilled, professional and attentive on Fiverr.

Sellers who drop below 85% should be further affected in some way, like an automated level drop. Below 80% should be another penalty. Once a seller goes below 70% they should have no levels and below 50-60 the account should be marked with a warning/countdown and eventually closed if the rating doesn’t come back up within some months.


Fiverr wants to encourage a good reputation for good services so that buyers can be confident in buying here. A seller’s rating is one way of doing that. IMO, rightly or wrongly, you wouldn’t get any orders anyway with a 90% positive rating as many other offers will be from sellers with higher ratings. I realise this makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get your rating up as unless you offer a unique service, which you don’t, as it’s unlikely you’re going to get any orders.


If you don’t deliver on time it seriously affects your rating.