Is it inappropriate to ask a buyer how they found you?


To me, a potential buyer becomes a buyer when he/she purchase my gig. However, I always want to know how my gigs are doing either on Fiverr search or social media, so when a potential buyer drops me a message inquiring about my services, the first thing that rings on my mind is 'how did they find me?'
Is it right to ask a prospective buyer which path brought them to you? Do you feel the same? Please share your experiences.



Just go ahead and ask ! it wont hurt either of you ! just say your doing a survey of some kind and wanted to know the path that brought them to you also throw in another 2 questions so it doesnt just look like your asking that question… hope this helps


This has helped much. It’s like I only needed a polite way to ask about it.
Thanks @freddyb93