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Is it is a good idea to give 3pricing plans for new sellers

Hi! I am a new seller, please tell me is it a good idea to give 3pricing plans or just one for 5$…what do buyers like the most?


go with 3 pricing plans


Hi, fatimasiddiq! It really depends on what you’re offering and if there are levels to it. For example, I offer 3 pricing plans for all but my book blurb gig because a blurb is a blurb. People rarely need 3 blurbs, so no I’m not going to offer it 1, 2, 3. I then have extras for book summaries and author bios. It’s a way to upsell without having the packages and may work for you depending on what you’re selling. Do you care to share what it is you’re making a gig for?


I have made gigs for content writing, virtual assistant and social media management.
Getting orders is my priority rather than price…I am willing to do more work for less… But I also don’t want to leave a bad impression on buyers… Do you get my point?

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3 options gives more opportunity to choose. A lot of gigs come with 3 options and I find it’s very convenient for the buyer. They won’t have a bad impression, so long as you price them all according to your skills and don’t charge a significant amount more for the next level package, unless you’re doing more work.


Your buyers’ and prospective buyers’ impression of you won’t be affected by how many packages you offer so long as your gig description and package description(s) is/are neat, well-thought out, and informative.


Not everyone needs more.
Client A wants X
Client B wants X + Y
Client C wants X + Y + Z

What good is offering X+ Y+ Z for $5? You’d be better off charging $5, $10, $15, or $5, $10, $20. It depends on the amount of work you have to do.


I suppose, it can give buyer a variety of choice and buyer influence to order @fatimasiddidq