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Is it just me or are 2, 3, & 4 star reviews becoming more common?


I still provide the same caliber of work, if not better because the more one writes (or does what they’re good at), the better they get. Or at least I’d like to think so… XD But within a month, I’ve managed to get two 2ish-star reviews and three 3ish-star reviews. Luckily, one of the 2s got changed to a 5 (they simply didn’t understand the system and initially thought I was withholding their delivery even though I wasn’t) and the other client changed it to a 4 after receiving her free revision that she forgot to ask for before rating.

Long story short, I have worked on fiverr for two years straight and only received one 1.2-star review and very few 3 and 4 star-reviews. So you can imagine that I’m baffled by the low-rating frequency within just a month’s time! :sweat:

I’m still at a 4.95 overall rating (99%), so I’m not here to complain exactly. I’m simply wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Or maybe it’s just been a rough month for me for whatever reason. Who knows!

I’ve also noticed that cancellations initiated by buyers is on the rise. I keep on getting “Ordered by mistake” or “Accidentally ordered twice.” I hope those don’t hurt my ranking too much.


I have one 4.3-star review which was system’s fault (buyer gave 5-star but it appeared 4.3) and one 3-star review due to late a delivery… and 122 5-stars… but I am rather new only 9 months old… This month was good though…

I was 4.95 once, but got back to 5 again… but I believe overall >4.75 is rating is great… Your rating is awesome and realistic :slight_smile:


I will rate the way I want to rate.

Either than that one cancellation by CS, I rated 5 stars.
I rated 5 stars because it was good work.
My BFF who is also on Fiverr, has rated 1 star. crappy work but gig was delivered.


:robot: eeeeeVaaaaa :robot:

Yes low-level ratings are and will become common due to Fiverr’s stance on Honest reviews.

Good news, those type of orders, especially if initiated by the buyer, has the lowest penalty points for cancellations.

Ref. to this:



The times they are a-changin’

Bending over backwards seems to be the key, but even that gets you a 1-star review. Incidentally, my only 1-star review that isn’t an “order cancelled” (I have 3-4 from the same time period: I was sick. Like, “please let me die” sick). The advertising campaign is bringing new people in with high expectations. It would be wise for all sellers to carefully manage those expectations.

As for the cancellations, I think that may be the lesser of two evils, but who really knows? Certainly my 1-star buyer seems to have cottoned onto something.


I love this review!

I wasn’t used to the service as a first timer and I didn’t shop around I just selected the first one so its an unfair assessment of the author. She did what I asked I just didn’t really know what I wanted but I will try it again and compare her to others to weigh my options



Sounds like those great product reviews you see once in a while.

Great product, UPS delivered late. 1 Star.


DEEEJAAAY! :slight_smile:

The thing I’ve noticed with virtually every rating is that the buyer didn’t understand how the system worked. In one instance, they thought they couldn’t receive the work I delivered unless they rated first, which of course will create an angry buyer who will rate you low. And a few other buyers think they can get free work and get upset when you don’t readily provide it. Another 3-star rater kept on hitting the blasted modification button only to ask for free extensions, NOT revisions. Furthermore, a client rated me low on “communication” but I messaged her multiple times throughout the process. She didn’t communicate with me once. Others even factor fiverr glitches into their rating. How am I at fault if a buyer can’t upload their files due to a bug? I’ll just stop because now I’m DEFINITELY complaining. :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, I don’t mind the honesty about the actual work I deliver and the customer service I provide. As long as it’s constructive criticism. Otherwise, how am I supposed to improve as both a writer and a seller? I suppose I’m asking for too much.

Anyway, thanks for confirming that those type of cancellations don’t impact my account negatively. Doesn’t mean they still don’t bother me. Especially the most recent cancellation. So far they’ve sent and withdrew two cancellations requests because they “ordered by mistake.” I wonder if I can just send a cancellation request myself and still be in the clear?

Okay, I’m done rambling now!


do you explain the whole process on your gigs? I haven’t checked your profile by the way. Maybe explain each gig the process, what they will get and so forth?


Thanks for the feedback. I do explain things pretty exhaustively in my gigs, especially my most popular one. Maybe a bit too extensively? Most people hate to read.


I bet you are a ghost writer? I am going to click on your profile after I reply this comment


My personal recommendation, based on current status of cancellation “EVALUATIONS”, would be to try to get your buyer to initiate it. You should only do it as LAST RESORT.

As for the first part of your response, EXACTLY what I was going to write to you.
To add to it, clients are unaware that ONCE they click those stars, there’s NO turning back.

Because most other websites lets you change your rating, Fiverr locks it in.
So you get those buyers telling you, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t, blah blah blah, it was a mistake, blah blah blah…” because who owns up to their mistakes or W.E right?


Yeah, it’s one of my favorites. :expressionless:

I actually talked to her about it. She said she didn’t mean to offend me but her knowledge is limited and the fiverr system isn’t fair to sellers (whatever that means). She actually said she’d change the review to reflect her ignorance (again, whatever that means) so I send her a review modification request. Of course she simply ghosted on me.

Sad thing is, I’ve bent over backwards for all those negative/satisfactory-raters. Sometimes there really is NOTHING you can do. Doing more just wastes your time and eats away at your already-dwindling patience reserves.


I wouldn’t necessary call myself that. I’m just a Freelance Writer and Editor. I mostly write biographies for people’s websites and social media sites. I also do some poetry and general proofreading. The gig I’m most concerned about is the biography one. All the others don’t bring in as much $$$ and I’ve never had any issues with them (in regards to ratings).


Exactly!! It’s so ridiculous.


You’re too nice in your reviews. I would have stuck a dagger in her neck with an Imgur review :wink: Those help to restock my terminally dwindling reservoirs of patience. Still though, as a review that’s… I doubt anyone can take it seriously. It’s basically highlighting that this person is a bit clueless. If anything, it probably drives more sympathy your way for having to deal with them.


Thank you! I just wish one of those ratings actually reflected the work I do and customer service I provide. Most of them have to do with website-related issues outside of my control or buyers who don’t know what they’re doing/what they even want.

It sounds like you’re doing great yourself. Keep up the good work!! :slight_smile:


Oh, trust me. The dagger thing totally did happen. In my mind and weeks ago with that foot-fetishist (except he never bought anything form me so I couldn’t leave a review).

Yeah, I am probably nicer than I should be, but I want to be professional so I don’t come off, I don’t know… out of control? XD

I feel the same way about that review in particular.

One I’m particularly annoyed about is the 4-star review that says “Satisfactory Experience.” What gives? I’m alone on that one and all the others, really. CS doesn’t seem to help much at all anymore. They keep on saying they can’t extend sellers any favors and sellers shouldn’t manipulate buyers into changing their reviews. 1. I’m not asking for favors and 2. I’m not manipulating anybody in any way, shape, or form.

Common sense isn’t a reality for most people these days. At least, in my reality.


I have a 4.5 or 4-star review that’s a satisfactory experience too. I think this just means that when the buyer revises their order they (still) don’t bother to write something in the box. Ironically, it was a 3.5 review originally due to drum roll the Fiverr app glitch.

Fiverr has a new feedback policy which is separate from the TOS. I’d direct you to a help center page so you could see it and revise how you approach difficult buyers in future, but as CS told me, there simply isn’t a page. Any complaints about buyer behavior outside of the review that used to help with feedback removal now get sent to Trust & Safety, including e.g. threats of a bad review. If the bad review doesn’t break the unknown Feedback Policy, you’re SOL.

Frankly, better off cancelling at the first whiff of dodginess. Of course, the previous changes to the feedback system were to avoid this. so I dunno. CS’ hands are probably tied. The reason I advocate Imgur reviews is because they give you a lot of room to not just show screenshots, but also argue your case with proof. There’s not necessarily any need to be rude (after all, potential buyers will be reading it). FWIW, I’ve got a handful and no buyer has ever come back to me after. I assume they’re just too pleased to have shat all over me, or something.

Yes, I’m going to be testy about this for the rest of the day. That bad review of mine would have been removed just three months ago. Now it’s subject to a policy I can’t even see and CS can’t even iterate to me. That’s…lol. Oh well.


Bad buyers seem to come in spurts – the type that can’t be pleased no matter what :slight_smile: I’m sure it will brighten up soon.