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Is it just me or are buyers just becoming impossible?

I’m really trying to be civil with people who message me. The thing is, at the moment I’m getting so many needy and entitled people that I think I’m going to have to just leave Fiverr for a while.

It’s horrendously depressing. Every day I am getting people placing orders for single 300-word articles sending me details of what 4 or 5 pages they want writing. Then suddenly there is this tangible shock and disdain when I say, “sorry but you have ordered 1 article.” In fact, I even have a buyer at the moment who has replied to me saying, “oh I see, in this case, I’ll probably get you to write the about page as a revision.”


Meanwhile, in my inbox, I’m getting deluged with people asking for my ‘opinion’ on their website and/or business. Following up with such people, they then seem to think that for the sake of a potential $8 sale, I’m going to basically user test their site and tell them what I could do as a copywriter to make it better.

Once again, there is then shock and disdain when I say sorry but no…

I’m actually getting so worn down that it feel like I’m making myself ill. In fact, yeah… Think that’s me done.


You’re not the only one! Ever since my main gig was featured, I’ve been receiving tons of similar messages. I quite distinctively recall the girlfriend asking me - halfway through a dinner - if I planned to take some of my clients out next time instead of her.

I understand your need to take a short break. Following recent events and a few clashes with CS, I’m sincerely considering that option myself. What you can do, if you’re swamped, is create a rather generic quick answer that you’ll send out while you triage these inquiries. There’s no harm in “forgetting” those that clearly lead nowhere!


I have gotten a lot of demanding buyers the past two weeks. I am serious there is a pattern in getting the orders, and it changes in every two weeks.

The past two weeks, I have gotten a lot of orders from Thailand, and the EU. The two weeks before that it was from New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Ireland. The weeks before that were from USA and Canda. It’s not just the countries but people with similar business, from same parts of the particular country, even the same types of buyers. But as Woofy would say, it’s just another #conspiracytheory. It’s the same thing, in one period I get super buyers, that send detailed info, and after two weeks, I get buyers sending just a couple of sentences. It is somewhat strange. Also, it might be because of the change in my placements. (had a couple of cancellations, because of lack of information and that hurt my placement). Again, all of this is just guessing.

Edit: It might be due to the marketing team of Fiverr doing A/B testing.With different ages, search habits and etc…


That’s exactly the thing, a lot of messages especially just lead nowhere. If I had a website which sold shoes made out of emu feathers, I’d say to people, “hey, I have this website which sells shoes made out of emu feathers and I need a killer sales copy. Is this something you could help me with?”

Instead, I get, “hey, I need a copy for my website, Can you do this?”

I say yes, providing you can tell me what your website does etc. Then I get back, " what kind of information do you need?"

Finally when I have something to like a brief I then get, “can you break down what sevices you offer?” And it just goes on and on until I say, “sorry, I’m won’t actually be able to help with this.”

It’s such a mental drain.


I would not know how long a 300 word article is so maybe they don’t either.
I have never done any word counts in an article-- of course I wouldn’t expect it to go to 4 or 5 pages but maybe there is another visual way to explain how long 300 words is.

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You could have a consultation gig for that and send them a custom offer for that.

There must be some way to deal with these problems if they happen all the time.


I’ve heard of someone who sends out a fillable .pdf file with questions for them to fill in about what they want.

I’ve also heard of other sellers who send out “menus” of their services to all inquiries.

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I strongly believe you need to take a break.

Go on vacation more for at least a week if you can afford that.
If you get any messages, just reply using a copy/paste message saying that you are away on vacation and could not reply.

Don’t log into Fiverr, just take a break. Do whatever the heck you want, watch movies all day, go to a zoo, hiking, do a Walking Dead marathon while eating pizza with your buddies (I do this once a month with my buddies BTW) , anything that makes you happy.
Just stay away from Fiverr COMPLETELY for a week. I’m sure it helps, it worked for me when I got mentally drained in the past.


I wish we could trade places for a week with you dealing with the people I encounter and me dealing with yours. I just send them all a big custom order right away. If nothing else it gets rid of them. I’ve been bombarded with $5 orders lately with all that goes with them.


Trus me, regarding this issue and the consultation problem, I’ve tried everything. I have tried sending PDF outlines of what I need to start work etc. The only people who respond to these, though, are people who would usually supply a decent enough brief anyway and it justs slows the order process of orders which I want. In this case, I now direct people back to my FAQ section on any gig which they are thinking about buying.

Consultations are something I won’t go near with a barge pole with a plague victim on the end. I do direct buyers and people messaging to Fiverr sellers who offer this service but they just to pay.

It’s not the logistical questions, to be honest. It’s the I say jump, you say how high attitude and the projection of other peoples common sense failings onto me.

As for swapping places for a week. That could be fun. It could be like a Fiverr version of Wife Swap.

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I’m afraid a break is out of the question. I have some ongoing work which is off-Fiverr but will still require me to be at my computer every day and I know that I would just end up logging in to Fiverr anyway. Maybe in the new year I’ll take a month off from everything.

As for the marathons, I do take time for this. I just did a Game of Thrones catch up. What I ideally need is a way to clone myself into two people. On of me I would have work, the other I would have get on top of projects I want to get on top of personally like my creative writing. I just need a skilled geneticist and a reliable human gestation chamber.

I am not seriously suggesting this, but just wondering…would it be possible to remove all the items from your gig with the exception of one. Which is a consulting gig. So the only order they could place without you sending an offer would be the consult gig for $5.

In the description it could say. "HI, I have a lots of great clients with whom I love to work. Therefore to keep my quality and efficiency at the highest level, I limit myself to only working on jobs that I feel I can deliver with stellar results. Feel free to order the consulting gig and send me all your materials. I will review it and advise as to whether I can accept the job. If I can, you will receive an offer, if not, I will send you a list of sellers who may be a good fit for you, and will make a couple suggestions that may improve your job as well.



Can I steal this? Just kidding, but it gave me an idea, for the consulting gig which I am working on.


Yes but that just cost you a $5


Can I pay with a beer? :beers:


Yeah, I see why this can be seen as a good idea. To be honest, though, I don’t want to communicate with these people. My gigs on Fiverr and my services elsewhere are not for people who need half hour lectures on why not to eat yellow snow.

What’s more, I really am not the kind of person to offer consultations. I would just end up looking at websites like and pointing out to 9 out of 10 buyers why it will probably be easier in the long-term if they just hammer an ice pick into each of their frontal lobes.

What I’ve decided to do is not go on vacation mode but not answer messages anymore from anyone who I don’t deem worthy of my time. That makes me seem like an ass but I really need to cut down on hours of wasted admin time.


So all you need is a quick reply that says something, like “Thanks, but I’m really busy with quite a lot right now, maybe next time.”

Although I am confident you’ll work the phrase p * * * off in there somewhere. :sunglasses:

No, I’ve been reported already for not handing out free bear hugs in messages. I’m just going to say that I’ve died. This way there will be no expectation that I might be able to answer questions later.


That would be great IF they read the gig description. But they don’t.

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I am going to try this for a few days myself, thank you for the idea. My response rate seems to be broken or inaccurate anyway. I need a break from the constant idiocy too.

Even if I tell them I’m dead they will continue sending messages just as if I never said that. Nothing stops them. Some continue for months.