Is it just me or do most sellers seem... "fake"?


You know what I mean. Thousands of sellers all offering the exact same thing in the exact same way. All of them claiming to be native English speakers but have godawful communication skills… They cannot understand simple questions like “how are YOU different?” or “what is YOUR value proposition?”

Oh yeah, and that profile picture of a model with an ear-to-ear smile in formal-wear? I’m pretty sure that’s not you.

$100 for a job that they will probably outsource to someone else (who is also “fake”) who will then outsource it to someone else again, who will then find an actual professional on to do the job.



There are many sellers who have multiple accounts although this should be hugely reduced soon as phone verification has been implemented and this will stop a lot of these people.
I’m not sure what you mean by fake. Some sellers use stock photos instead of their real one in the same way that I am pretty sure you are not an animated character in real life. I think stock photo use is silly for sure, but that is their choice.
While there are plenty of people in English speaking countries who do not speak English well or as a first language - there are reasons to believe some of those you are referring to may be using VPN to appear to be from another country as they believe it will give them a better chance at getting orders (another bad choice as if someone chooses a seller based on nationality and then the communication level is not great then they will just cancel).

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with outsourcing but I would also find it unlikely that people outsource from here to upwork or other platforms, it definitely happens the other way around though.
Pricing on Fiverr is extremely low and unfortunately, there are a lot of poor quality sellers. This is true of the other platforms too though. It is up to buyers to spend some time finding the right person for their job - on the plus side, the cost is far less than elsewhere.


I understand your gripe because Fiverr does have huge problems with fake profiles and deceitful descriptions. But you had me until you mentioned upwork. I’m pretty sure it’s possible to be an actual professional on fiverr just as much as upwork amirite?


You are right! :grinning:

I like 5r better because it’s easier to order, there are more sellers and the price is better.

Finding a great seller may seem challenging to a new buyer, but it becomes easier with experience.


There sure are a lot of them, I don´t know about most, though. There are a lot of sellers who use profile pictures of themselves, or something like you, or logos, who do good or great jobs, deliver on time and communicate professionally, yet are affordable.

The ‘fake’ ones you´re referring to are pretty easy to spot, so they are pretty easy to avoid, for a buyer, at least, for us sellers, unfortunately it´s a bit more complicated, as we don´t have a ‘reject order’ button and can only cancel orders from ‘fake buyers’ :wink: which harms our rating.

The phone verification might get rid of a lot of people with multiple accounts, but, you see, there´s a lot of people in the world who have internet and can google ‘make money online’ and read those blogs with tips on how faking will help you make money on fiverr and all that, so probably even without multiple accounts there´ll be thousands left…the good news is, that qualified people can google and sign up on fiverr as well, so there´s plenty of choice for buyers here.

Yeah, well, if you spot them, don´t hire them.


Appreciate the input guys. Well, phone verification sounds promising. I actually can’t believe they didn’t have it before. I mentioned Upwork because I’ve seen that they make you jump through countless hoops before you can do anything. And that’s actually a good thing.

Yeah, it’s great that Fiverr is so cheap and all (great from a buyer’s perspective, at least), but I have seen that if you are only willing to pay peanuts, then all you get are monkeys. There are exceptions definitely, but for the most part that’s the way it is. Believe me, I’m more than happy to pay premium to be able to work only with serious professionals who personally put the work in, and don’t outsource or automate or take shortcuts.

And yes, of course it is up to the buyer to spend some time looking for the right person for the job, but when that righr person’s profile is buried under literally hundreds of “Make Money Online” posers, that time can translate into hours…


They do to a point but nothing that isn’t relatively easy to get around if one is so inclined. The tests they do are relatively basic and I have seen requests on all the different platforms for people to do these tests for other people. With this in mind it leads to an over protected feeling for buyers (seems to have had that effect on you too) which then leads to people not doing any due diligence with their purchases.
For me, the reason my lowest rate services are available on Fiverr is simply because Fiverr gives me work without having to submit bids along with hundreds of others in a desperate chase to the bottom filled with PITA interview processes and buyers with god-complexes who think they are setting me up for life by paying me $30 for something they would pay $50 for through an agency. The knock on for my clients here is that if I don’t have to spend 2 hours to secure a job then they don’t have to pay for that along with my rate for the actual job and they only pay $20 here. If they are prepared to look around and find me, rather than have me find them they can save a really significant amount of money.

From a buyer’s perspective (which I also am but not for outsourcing), I find it worthwhile to sift through rubbish to find the right people and when I find them and hire them over and over, saving me hugely over the long term for the investment of a couple of hours. That’s Fiverr.


Depends on the perspective. Fiverr’s motto is ‘In Doers we trust’, and some of us doers prefer to do what we want to do, actual gigs, right away, and not having to jump through hoops first :wink: or bid for projects while here buyers just come and inbox us to talk business, or order our gigs right away, and come back, if we’re good.

I´ve looked at several platforms of this kind, and I liked Fiverr most for different reasons, it´s a matter of personal choice and preferences, for sellers and buyers alike. I don´t like hoops, for instance, not if I have to jump through them, I choose to find my own hoops to jump through, or I don´t want to use my clear name here (which is a sentiment I think especially many women share), and, yes, the bidding system, I don´t like it.
I´m very happy here, and all my buyers so far were very happy with my work as well, I even got a couple offering me an actual job, so I guess my work can´t be that bad.

By the way, there are quite a few sellers who work on Fiverr as well as on upwork, so if you order on upwork, you might get the same person to do the same job, only for more money. :wink:


Yeah, there are a lot of fake sellers out there, which is why it’s tough for some real sellers to actually sell. It does become difficult at some points, because going on here means you’re trying to get gigs or buy something. Although there is a verification process, I think it isn’t strong.


They go a lot further than that… They asked for a government issued ID, and I’m a buyer.

In fact, shouldn’t Fiverr be asking everyone for IDs? Shouldn’t that be the case for any platform where money is exchanging hands between individuals? I hate to be a stick in the mud but how do we know this whole thing isn’t just some giant money laundering operation run by organized crime?

Ok, maybe that’s going a little too far… :slight_smile:

Honestly, I get it… the only thing more annoying than a clueless seller/service provider with zero self-awareness is a PITA unprofessional cheapskate buyer with zero self-awareness… Wish there was some kind of, you know, platform, where professionals buyers can meet professional sellers, and pay them in exchange for professional services.

You guys wouldn’t happen to know a place like that?


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m curious what you mean exactly.
I understand the issue of sellers with multiple accounts problem. These are the fake sellers you mean, I assume.
I’m mainly a seller here, but have purchased around a dozen gigs and never had problems as a buyer.
So I wonder what type of problems come up when you purchase from a fake seller?
May :panda_face:


Well, we sellers need to get out money out of fiverr somehow, so they could get our names from paypal or our credit card company if there was a real need,
and you can find lots of posts by sellers here on the forum who needed to provide ID, a photo with their ID in hands, when something went wrong with their accounts, it seems the philosophy at work here is a bit ‘as long as all is fine, it´s fine’, which probably favours the not so legit people a bit,
but we see a lot of accounts being banned too, or gigs being deleted, if sellers violate ToS,
since recently we need to verify withdrawals with our verified phone number…
and you know, there are a lot of people who are perfectly honest and all and yet would not want to provide a company with scans of their IDs, so they are there for all staff and potential hackers, all companies have security issues, even the biggest and well known ones where most people think their data is safe…I for one like to provide my ID to as few places as possible.

Buyers have a lot of time to complain to Customer Support for any issue, and if they do it, and it´s a founded complaint, they’ll get a refund, and it will have consequences for the seller.

I don´t say that Fiverr is ideal as it is. I don´t think Fiverr is ideal as it is. There are some issues I see with it, I think some things are easier said than done, though, too, and I think there are always compromises, if there is more than 1 person involved anywhere. :wink:

Open the place you imagine, if you can´t find it. Who knows.


How would that solve anything though? People can show their own ID but unless Fiverr are going to follow up on every scam for relatively tiny amounts by contacting law enforcement etc in all the different countries it wouldnt bother the scammers.

A buyer pays money to Fiverr, Fiverr pays money to the seller (minus their cut). Any issue with money here is between a buyer and Fiverr or a seller and Fiverr - not between buyer and seller. If a buyer has not followed Fiverr’s procedures then they will not get their money back, if a seller does not then they won’t get paid.
That’s why reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service is so important for both user types and why Fiverr have made it an easy to read document rather than the typical tiny and neverending Terms you get on most sites.


Yup - it’s called your local marketing agency - they’ll be delighted to take shed loads of cash from you, and they might even show you their government issued IDs if you ask them nicely.

Yes, there are some poor sellers on Fiverr as has been discussed, but there are also some absolutely brilliant ones - the term you used about monkeys and peanuts won’t go down well with the good ones.

Good luck finding the sellers you’re looking for,


Yes, that happens a lot…a lot. I’m one of the people this kinda work got outsourced to. I literally spent a year working for a Fiverr user that was paying me $1.5 for my work and as a lad making money of the internet for the first time in his life I really didn’t mind until I find out the employer was making an 80% profit. Luckily, I discovered Fiverr and now doing my own thing and making like 3 times more in a month.

The profile picture I’m using is probably the only decent pic I have of myself.


Yes, there are a large set of us who are the real deal, but shifting through all the people who say they are experts can take a bit.

You’ll develop a few filters that can help:

The more experienced have hundreds or thousands of reviews, may have a $5 option, but it’s just for the most basic service possible. (Pros don’t regularly work for $5 unless it’s either a loss leader, or a very quick, basic service.)

The interesting thing is if you go upmarket here, you can find super quality and value, but you have to sift through a set to find the ones.

Many of us charge far less here than other platforms, but we do enough volume to make it all work great.

Just vet your sellers, buy something small to test, and then when you find the good ones, tell others.

You’ll be amazed what you find and the value available. Not always quick, and certainly not the cheapest sellers here. (Although often far less than other platforms.)


fake sellers on Fiverr?



Not to toot my own horn, but I specifically wanted to avoid seeming “fake.” (I totally agree with you.) A lot of standing out and showing you’re genuine is in the branding, on top of having a unique offer. I sell Twitter presence analysis and I made a Powtoon cartoon to promote it… Most Twitter Fiverr sellers sell followers, which is so pointless and unethical, but it’s rampant and lots of people are buying it.

I think the best way to overcome the “fake” element of (successful) Fiverr sellers is to raise awareness about the importance of buying from genuine, professional and VALUABLE sellers. A lot of buyers just aren’t business savvy, but we can educate them and increase the demand for real professionals. Oh, and buy from the “humans.”


what?..are you fake…i am not fake


I’m not fake for sure! :hugs: