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Is it just me or does fiverr attract lots of dysfunctional clients?

I’m not sure what everyone else’s experience is, but I get a lot of really odd, dysfunctional, ignorant, and unprofessional buyers on this website. Outside of fiverr, I’ve never had problem, my clients are always happy, communicate well and allow me to do my job. But on fiverr I get so many clients that can’t communicate, ask to do things that aren’t possible and get mad me for it, or blame me for things they caused that I can’t do anything about such as their terrible performance or equipment they recorded with. (I do audio mixing, mastering, and editing)

I really wish there was no penalty for cancelling orders because with the number of clients that give me massive headaches, I would just cancel these orders since these are clients in real life I would fire or not work with. Many times what these projects pay are just not worth the hassle of dealing with a an abusive, dysfunctional client, that has you running around in circles do to their ignorance.


Hello, it may be the low prices that attracts them. It could also be that it’s an international website. It can help somewhat to have higher prices.
I can say that I’ve met some folks that are wonderful. And I’ve met some unlike any I’ve met before also. I love the variety. It’s really been an amazing learning experience working on fiverr.

There are people from all parts of the world and all types of backgrounds that you wouldn’t meet otherwise and yes it can cause headaches sometimes.

I raised my prices multiple times until I hit a sweetspot with the least number of problems.


This helped me get a better quality of clent too. :wink:


I’m not sure why odd dysfunctional ignorant and unprofessional buyers go with low prices but they do. (Of course there are wonderful low paying buyers also.)

I increased my prices substantially. It was like a barrier when I got to a certain level. It’s the same for any service business, not just fiverr.


I am aware of this which is why I’ve raised my prices a few times since being on here. I’m just afraid I’m already close to the sweet spot because I’m am by far not the cheapest seller in my category and I’m pretty much in line with the top rated sellers. Might still have to raise prices slightly I guess and see what happens.

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I seem to get buyers who give me the oddest requests- so odd it makes me think they are intentionally trying to waste my time. One of my gigs is teaching guitar, and one guy said he wanted me to record a lesson but I could not talk at all. He didn’t care about learning the guitar either, it was like a test for me to see if I could do it. I recently just got a huge order to make a video of me doing a lesson, but the client wants it edited in 9 different ways, being sped up, slowed down, etc. The client is also very specific about how I dress, the lighting, etc. I am only doing it because he is paying me a big amount and already accepted the official offer.


In the past six months I get people asking me if I can cast spells that have nothing to do with my gigs.

After being here so long without this happening I wonder why it’s started in the last six months. Every day at least three like this.

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You could create gigs to do what they ask if you can perform those spells/magic, if it’s ethical & legal what they are asking to do. At least if enough people ask for the same type of spells.

I’ve seen a seller whose profile is solely dedicated to casting spells and predicting one’s future. Odd, but if it pays might as well.

Last few months were particularly rough. I usually have 0-3 cancelations every 60 days and now I have 6. Orders “by accident”, orders of things I don’t sell. And then a bunch of those with a question instead of requirements. “Are you up for the task?!” “Let me know if possible”, etc. All of them from brand new accounts, too.

I’d say that raising prices is a pretty effective solution but it appears not to be the case anymore. At least not to an extent it used to be.


They ask for extremely specific things that spells are not the ideal thing for.


I think it depends on the prices you charge. When I first started out on Fiverr, my gigs were all $5 and let’s just say I attracted alot of whacks. But over the years my prices have increased and not too much anymore. I do Psychic readings on other platforms and Fiverr right now has probably the best clientele I’ve ever had thankfully.


No, you’re right. I think some types of work get it more than others, though. I looked you up and I imagine you get all sorts of ridiculous things: people want to sound like a Rihanna track for $15 and things of that nature.

I try to stick to work that is pretty straightforward about what the deliverables are. Unfortunately anything art related I think will attract these types of people on Fiverr, who are rampant.

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I have noticed that as well. It seems quite a few of them simply do not read what they purchase, as I sometimes get weird messages saying they didn’t receive something they didn’t purchase. And if I try to communicate with them, there’s no response.

For sure, blaming, being absolutely unreasonable, and rude… :grimacing: The extent to which this happens likely depends on the type of gig you offer, and the niche you’re targeting.
In addition, Fiverr still remains an easy platform to manipulate people, and rip them off… so to speak. While strides have been take in ensuring sellers feel they are being treated in a fair manner, around cancellations etc (which is awesome :+1:t4:) … at the end of the day, some people know they can order, claim your work was unsatisfactory, whine and complain incessantly – then demand a cancellation through CS or do a paypal charge back. So… unfortunately, some folks abuse this platform and the sellers, and CAN get free service, if they want. It might cause them to get kicked off, but ultimately you still put time, and effort into what amounts to a freebies, for them :no_mouth:

This is one issue I find super annoying.

Not as much any more. Fiverr has it’s own ways of cracking down lately. If the seller did the job, there is now much less chance of chargebacks or cancellations.

I wonder about the sellers who keep complaining fiverr ALWAYS supports the buyer. Is it possible that is because some sellers are often not doing the job correctly? That has not been my experience.

I know that Paypal has also changed how it handles chargebacks for services so that now, it is much harder for someone to get a refund for a service that was delivered.

Yes, absolutely this is true! I have had some recent interactions with CS that have been awesome, and they have been very helpful… so much better than it was in the past.:slightly_smiling_face:

Great to hear about paypal as well!

The problem is - with people like me – who advertise…how do you measure how successful a seller was, when the product they promote has a subjective audience? And - or, a buyer can have an outrageously unreasonable expectation - as far as “results” go. I promote music primarily, and a buyer might think his song is amazing, and in reality it might not be, he might get terrible results, but I can’t force my audience to like his song. He or she will then claim I didn’t do my job right, they wouldn’t recommend me, and wouldn’t buy again = bad review. But my job is to promo his or her song, which I can prove I did. I have a disclaimer that results vary - but it still doesn’t help when buyer’s have unreasonable expectations, based on bias (that their song is the best song to come out since Goodbye Yellow Brick Road). :no_mouth::joy:

So, I feel like… how much these things affect people really does depend on their niche.
And most often I have fabulous results, but this is an example. :upside_down_face:


Great point. I wish there was a better way to not only assess overall credibility, but credibility for a specific niche, and to be able to assess that in an objective way.

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That’s not entirely true. I’ve had a few buyers who after what I delivered what I thought was a good product, got very abusive and offensive towards me and then asked for cancellations. Despite the TOS, fiverr appeased them every time and cancelled the order. They definitely do not follow their TOS policy.

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I’m in the same boat as someone who mixes music. Many people come to me with terrible songs, that were poorly recorded yet expect me to turn it into a masterpiece and do things that simply aren’t possible. If their song doesn’t sound exactly like their favorite hit on the radio, they assume i’m some moron who doesn’t know what he’s doing and is trying to swindle them when in reality their songs sucks. I even have a disclaimer in my gig that says results are dependent upon source material. The problem is people either don’t read, or they assume they’re source material is good when it’s not.