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Is it just me or does fiverr attract lots of dysfunctional clients?

It can be tough, but I havent even gotten my first sale yet. Hope to get mine soon! Too bad that fiverr really keeps track of all our orders

Give it time. Just make sure you have a lot of pictures and a video in your gig advertisement and a good written section describing it. It took me almost 2 months until I got a order, and now I have a recurring client.

I need some type of short message to let potential buyers know I will not answer endless questions.


“Would you like me to send you a custom offer for the (name of the gig) now, or, if there are still matters you’d like to discuss/share with me, would you prefer a custom offer for a consultation gig instead?”

You’d need a consultation gig first, of course, where you’d charge per question/message received.


They don’t need consultations. They want to tell someone all about their ex love and get some psychic information free.

They send me pictures, they want readings, they want psychic insights and apparently there are amateurish sellers willing to engage with them for free this way.

I prepared this to send to people but I need to be nicer:

I was told others in my category here on fiverr give free tarot readings and ongoing messages even if you don’t order. I don’t do this. I expect two, maybe three, questions After that please either place an order or find another spellcaster. Thank you for respecting me and my time.

I will be modifying this to make it more informative and less direct, but basically I want them to realize that they don’t need to take up my time without ordering like they can do with other sellers they can take advantage of.

Oh, I understand that, I just thought of it as a way to charge them for the time you spend reading their messages. And if they ask questions and you answer them, it can be called consultations, too. :slight_smile:

How about: “I’m truly sorry, but I don’t offer free readings or free consultations. I cast spells and cleanse auras, as described in my gigs. If that’s what you need, I’ll be happy to do it as soon as you place your order. If you need something else, I’m afraid I’m not a good match, and can’t help you.”


That’s good. They still have dozens of questions which I refuse to answer.

I don’t want to answer these as they either don’t need this info or I explain it all when they order. I don’t want to send them dozens of answers to every possible question. I tell them everything when they order.

Lately the questions go on for a week or two at least, with them saying to keep it going “I’m going to order but just a few more questions”.

They have no intention of ordering and I’ve resorted to blocking them. Usually they just joined.

That’s what the “I don’t offer free consultations” part is for. :slight_smile:

If they keep going, you can remind them of that part, and possibly tell them that you’re sorry, but you won’t be able to do anything else for them until they place the order.

If they still keep going, well, I agree it’s high time to block them.

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I want to head them off right at the start rather than spend half an hour trying to figure out if they are interested in possibly purchasing a spell or just fishing for free info.

I’m really tired of these.

I will make a short notice to send them at the start letting them know I don’t do readings give advice or consultations.


I really hope that problem gets solved real quick. :blush: