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Is it just me or Inbox & delivery page is really buggy?

I have a different view in web inbox and mobile app. Like some message shows on the web but not on the mobile app!

I have contacted the customer support about it and nothing improved but I’m seeing more problems now. All my buyers in the inbox are showing as online on the mobile app when they are not on the web.

Just now my buyer requested revisions and it wasn’t showing at first. I refreshed several times and sent messages to my buyer but nothing was showing. After staying on the same page for several minutes without refreshing I could see the messages appearing one by one.

Is it only me who is having these problems or everyone else is facing them too?

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Not just you. Notifications are coming through but not showing on the page when you click on them until about 15 minutes after you get them.

I’ve noticed Fiverr has changed the gig order page layout today and so would assume the issues are to do with the testing and maintenance.


That explains. I was panicking since I couldn’t see buyers instructions for the revision.
Thank you

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Looks like It’s fixed now. You should try again.


It’s likely affecting different users at different times. I actually haven’t had any issues until the last hour and they’re currently ongoing for me, as well as a couple of my clients who have mentioned lagging messages.

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It’s still ongoing for me.
All my buyers are still showing as online in my mobile app but they are not on web.

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I’ve noticed the same glitch. My gig has been exploding with sales this week, I hope this doesn’t change anything :joy:


Hopefully everything will get fixed soon! It’s worrisome!