Is it just me, or is fiverr glitching



I am trying to contact the seller …to let her know it is not letting me submit my order, is any one else having these issuse? if not how do i fix this? I did a huge amount of work on this order.

thanks all

oldbittygrandma said: Right. Those are the only external sites allowed in the description.

With regards to delivery, I have never had an issue using Dropbox or zippyshare, as a lot of what I deliver, is well over the Fiverr uploaded limit.

I too use dropbox to deliver my video gigs as they go over the 50mb file limit i don't see why it would be an issue as they are direct link to the linked file.


I am really hoping tht a few people that contacted me about long term va gigs don’t look elsewhere and “hire” some one else at another site. I would be a bit upset if I dont hear from any of them again, as I am hoping to make this stay at home work my primary job and work a lot less at wal-mart.


Have seen strange issues here. All gigs were redirecting to only one gig which was created just 2 hours ago… Just wondering it was kind of virus or what… Fiverr support must do something about the matter as it may lead to some serious problem later…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I tried doing that its not letting me do anything! the order is a day late(seller is ok and aware of this) …she is understanding so i should be ok


yup … you should ask support my friend got answer that only Flickr and YouTube (limited) is allowed as external sites


I just tried my link again, and it is back to the proper page now. You all should check yours as well. But that other account has 21 orders now…


I think drop box is allowed. Ask admin for make sure


I use Drop Box, is that not allowed? It is one way to send large files over 50mb such as videos.


I have used dropbox several times and no flags have been raised unless I am in for a surprise


My associate did lose lvl2 account for using dropbox as showcase of HTML site


I haven’t been able to send attachments on Fiverr today. I’ve been trying to deliver an order for 3 hours now, but it’ll get to 100% and then pause… eventually I get an “HTTP Error” message instead of the usual "Completed."

That problem has cropped up from time to time, but usually re-trying a few times will work. Today, though, is an exception it seems.


Seems Fiverr got hacked what ever I search I get 90% results from one user (priecily) to promote on her blog or something …



Fiverr is glitching out like crazy. My listings link to someone else’s gig and this person already has eight orders in Q and climbing and just joined fiverr two hours ago. I’ve already contacted customer service. But I think you guys should as well. Either someone has hacked into the system or there is a major programming glitch!


using Dropbox unfortunately is not allowed :frowning:


Yeah somethings definitely wrong. I have a new Gig that hasnt been put in the search yet. I think they usually do this immediately. But, I tried to deliver an order a little while ago it took several tries before the order would deliver.


Thanks very much oldbittygrandma.