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Is it just me or other people too?

Hey there!
I have been trying to create a seller profile on fiverr to start offering my services for 2 days now. At first the trouble that I went through was that the site wouldn’t verify my number. I put my chrome at desktop view then it worked! But the other trouble, which seems impossible to solve at the moment, is that it wouldn’t accept the code that I entered in the verification box.

Did anyone else have trouble with verifying their phone number while creating their seller profile or is it just me? I tried it again and again with everything put all correctly and i tried to verify it such times that I got blocked for 24 hours even though I was putting the correct code that I was receiving on my number but I dont know why the site is not accepting the code.
Please do not come at me saying that I should ask google or anything because I have done so already.

I would be really glad if anyone out there helps me with this issue, would be much appreciated.

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Did you try to get verification code many times? Verification code is updated after you requesting it. SO, you need to enter correct verification code.

I recommended enter again phone number and wait for verification code ( if you use mobile phone use chrome desktop view) and again enter it.

If you get again that problem Please contact CS… :grinning: :grinning: :+1:

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Thankyou for the help. I think I shall have to contact CS


Contact CS. they will help you soon. :grinning: :grinning: :+1: