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Is it just me, or

Does someone else feels like their brain doesn’t make sense?

It may just be my anxiety talking but, I can’t help but feel guilty that I am not looking for more jobs right now…

The thing is, I am busy right now! I am working on a large translation and an ongoing transcription project.

I don’t have time to look for more jobs, why am I feeling guilty and nervous about that?


Also, I kinda feel guilty every time I waste the money I won with my work, but I think that is just me being stingy…

I mean, it is ok to give myself a gift a couple times per year or to eat something nice once a week right?


Keep yourself surrounded by happy, good people. That’ll inspire you to keep working harder.

Yes - gifting oneself is amazing, but consider doing so with things that mean something.

I may go out to eat dinner One night - but I keep it to One night!

Don’t feel sorry spending money - but make sure you have funds to help you stay afloat.

I wish you the best - anxiety is a real issue and struggle for many people - thanks for bringing this subject up.



I usually try to keep mr special eatings to sundays.

and the stam sales only come 2 times a year so…

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I understand the feeling. Half the time I just feel too drained to try to apply for jobs. I mean, I NEED the money, but I am just too exhausted much of the time to work on it. And yes, it makes me feel guilty, as I feel as if I am just being lazy, and not busy doing other things, or trying not to lay in bed all day.

It’s 100% understandable. However, I have to push through the thoughts. My landlord doesn’t care about my psychology.


It sounds to me you have very high expectations of yourself. If I were you, I would lower my expectations, I would forgive myself more, find time to enjoy life instead of working all the time.

Money is only wasted when you spend it on things you don’t enjoy. You’re not wasting anything, you earned every dollar, you deserve to enjoy it. Of course, you could set goals, maybe only withdraw your earnings at certain levels, like $100, $500, $1,000, etc.

Of course it is, treat yourself everyday if you want! As long as your bills are paid and you’re saving money for the future, what does it matter?


This is very good habit if you think that. Your money should go with your needs and not what you wants. We shouldn’t waste our money at all and this should go to poor people and people who needs help with something.

By not looking for more jobs you think you are wasting your time then yes you should use this time for something useful but you also mentioned you are busy then i think it’s best to not do more work except what you like most. I will also advice you to pray and help others which will make you happiest person in the world.