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Is it just me that think this?

I think, just hear me out, that buyers doesn’t think a chance on the new people…and I see why.

I mean, why would I give work to a person with no rating so I could know what they’re capable of. It’s just blind faith that buyer doesn’t want to take a chance on and it sucks for the newbies that could be NASA level of talent and work. Now I’m not saying I have that level of talent but it feels like it’s the only reason why when I’m putting my all in buyer’s request, even lowering the price and giving them more extra gigs so that they can choose me but nothing happens

Kinda upset but I’m still trying to promote

Everyone started out as a new seller with no reviews.


I agree with you, sure. It’s not easy for new sellers to get started. We all know how powerful social proof is, and newbies don’t usually have any when they start out on Fiverr.

That said, I’m not sure your newbie status is what’s costing you orders. Take your book cover Gig, for example. You show no examples of your work, and your description is a few lines long. One of those lines just says the buyer will get something good.

I wouldn’t buy from you based on the way you’ve presented your service. There just isn’t enough there to convince me to hand over my money.


You are in a competitive field - and you must make your gigs stand out if you are to be successful. I went through one of your gigs, and I could tell you “right now” that you have some glaring grammar mistakes that make me question your writing abilities. Don’t get defensive, as this is my take from what I saw.

Plus, you just started offering your services last month. Don’t expect orders to just fall into your lap. You’re going to have to do a lot of work and promotion to get off the ground. Patience is not a virtue in the freelancing business. You’re going to need to take some initiative and find out what will work for you. After all, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

As Catwriter said, everyone started out a new seller with no reviews. The difference was we found a way to stand out from our competitors and make a name for ourselves.

Good luck!


I know but how does one stand out, you know? :thinking:

Yh I see what you mean by examples but I even see some people with reviews and no examples whatsoever so I’m not even sure if examples are needed

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A few things that come to mind are offering a good service, having a well-written description (preferably without errors, especially if offering editing, proofreading, or writing), and having attractive gig pictures that are related to the service. For example, a couple of stock photos of notebooks are not really related to a book cover service, nor do they show what you can do for the buyer (a book cover that captures the book essence).

If you can show amazing examples of your work, it will certainly help.


Wow that’s embarrassing :sweat_smile: I’ll get right now correcting them

I don’t know maybe I want to be one of the lucky ones so badly but yh i see your point. it hurts t wait tho lol

Hi,I when started on fiverr last year.i had send out near about 300 BR without gotten a single order through it.but I have just completed 250 orders on thing is that believe in yourself and have patient in yourself.orders will come.if u know the skills.

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Yeah, you’re right. There are some jammy so-and-so’s who get tonnes of orders despite having very bare profiles. We can’t really worry about them, though. We’ve just got to present ourselves the best we can. :slight_smile:

Something I like to keep in mind when selling anything is don’t give a buyer any reason to click away. Try to get into the mind of your potential customer. Ask yourself, if I were this person, what would make me leave this Gig page? I mentioned a few reasons I’d click away: not enough info about the product I’d receive, not enough info about the seller and their experience, no samples, etc.

You can make some massive improvements just going through your Gigs and asking yourself that simple question.


Sometimes if a gig doesn’t show examples but has a review it might be that the buyer had previously bought a (probably related) gig from the seller before. The seller might have have shown them a preview/sample before they ordered (watermarked if relevant).

Like @catwriter said, example gig images will help. eg. those that let the buyer know the sort of delivery they will get (such as good quality examples of book covers you could create) .


Inspirational :sob:
I’m already at 21 BR

That’s a great idea!! That would definitely help me, thank you :smile:

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Yh i’ll get on with the samples
i also fix the errors and made the words more enticing

In addition to, your response rate is very low

True :tada: :tada:
From ZERO to Centillionaire. :sunglasses: :+1:

everyone was new in the beginning Keep hustling
for new sellers buyers requests are the key
i remember i recieved my first order through buyers request :slight_smile:
A GOOD CONVERSATION WITH CLIENT CAN GAIN TRUST weather you’re newbie or experienced .

True, three orders today came from conversations. I don’t encourage conversations, I wish people would order the gig right away, but some clients love to talk and ask silly questions like “what do I need to order?”

It’s important to be patient with them. I just tell them they’ll get instructions when they order. I don’t have the time to explain everything, but I don’t want to be rude. Being rude can cost you sales or lead to bad reviews.


That was just recently, I was 1 hr before…it was so sudden, never expected a reply :tired_face:

But the person understood and we still talk about the offer

Eyyy!! :sunglasses::rofl:

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