Is it just me


Or is Fiverr being INSANELY slow today.



Yes. It’s been very slow for me today. Not sure what is going on.


And now it’s working super fast! Woohoo Fiverr! You rock!


Maybe it’s your internet provider dear Kiff?


Mine is going very slow as well


very slow indeed - its like this since last week


and now it’s slow again… @hellographic I don’t think it’s my provider… everything else is working normally.


and none of the revenues that should have been credited to me today have been.


It’s fiver but no problem on my side revenues wise.


Very slow and I have a 100Mb fibre link so goodness knows what it’s like for others. Other sites are loading super fast as ever! This seems to have been a problem for some time but I’m assuming that to migrate to some faster servers means down time, which we may think okay so that means no orders for a few hours, or a day at the most, it also means you wouldn’t be able to deliver when the site was down, hence you’d be late, buyers entitled to cancel through no fault of your own etc. etc. So that maybe an issue


Its very slow for me too.


I think this is related to the ongoing saga with cyberbunker which is now affecting a lot of innocent bystanders