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Is it just me?

My fiverr gig for youtube Video editing was going great until about a month ago when it completely stopped. I have gotten some messages, but no actual purchases. I have also received TONS of sellers messaging me about their gigs. I was earning around $100 a month, and now it is down to 0. Any ideas? Do you have any idea of what i can do to start receiving buyers again? Been trying the buyer request page, not getting any responses. Tried messaging my previous customers saying i’m available to work if they need any video help at the moment. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Well a majority of customers I have are in the USA, I would take a guess and say its because its vacation time here. I’m a top rated seller and usually I am slammed in the first of the month, but this month has been slow so far, I’d say sales for me are down about 40% and I do about 25-30 jobs a week.

Hopefully picks up soon.

There are several things you should take a look at to perhaps get your gig jump started once again.

  • Have you had any cancellations that weren’t mutual? Typically, you’ll want to keep as low as a cancellation % as possible.

  • Why haven’t you utilized the majority of your description characters allowed? I make things, might in theory sound like a great title. But what do you make? why do you make it?

  • You’re asking that everyone contact you for a quote. Why? Understanding that Fiverr is a global community, it’s in your best interest to provide easy instruction, backed with add-ons to satisfy most of your visitors. For more difficult projects, indicate what you deem difficult and encourage visitors to reach out to you for those.

Lastly, keep in mind that fiverr is a ‘growing’ community. Your price point, your product might have had grown substantially while you haven’t been taking notice. With tougher competition and more selections to choose from perhaps your services aren’t as fresh as they once were. Remember, in fiverr try to have your description/services evolve try new things. If it doesn’t work, you can always re-edit your gig and change everything back.

I wish you much success!


Yes, I am from the U.S. and work here. Never quite thought about that. Thanks for the feedback.

I appreciate your feedback a lot. Thank you, I will keep that in mind!

thanks for sharing @jwaynevo very important info

i suggest you to try some outside promoting your gig upload youtube to your video and post fiverr gig links. also twitter and facebook is great media to promote

make a blog and post your gig here
i remember one time i pay some website admin to promote my fiverr gig it’s work!