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Is it legal ? "Buyer try to Chat"

Some buyer After i have delivered him order,
he was very glad and left good review.

then he came to msgs and asked me about my name ,
and asked me about the town which i live in?

is it legal to talk to buyers in these informations ?
or it against fiverr Rules?

No do not give your name or location. They have no reason for that and it is not allowed.


Thanks Alot for your fast reply

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but i usually use my real name as signature

I recommend that you only use your fiverr ID or your first name only.


Sharing personal information is against Fiverr terms of services. Tell em normally to follow the rules. There’s no need to share personal information with clients to provide your services.


technically speaking it is not, per say, what if I want a youtube outro which include my social media accounts?

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I would ask customer support first.

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I spoke my name and spoke/wrote my Twitter handle in the video for my Twitter gig. I felt it was necessary so people could identify my credibility and it hasn’t brought me any sketchy activity. Hope that helps?

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