Is it legal If I send a message to the inbox advertising my gigs on Fiverr?


as the title, lately I have no sale. I want to increase my sales but I dont have a website, I’m not good at SEO, so it’s hard for me to introduce my jobs to everybody. Need some helps to solve the problem.

many thanks!


You account will get banned if you do this . spamming is not allowed .


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Since you’re not making as many sales as you’d like, you could use your spare time to put together a website and learn about SEO. Or you could use the money you’ve made so far to purchase gigs for those things.

If you don’t want to promote your business online, you’ll have to promote it offline. Design some flyers and business cards and distribute them.

In any case, you’re going to have to put out some effort if you want to make consistent sales. Good luck!


He , it is not allowed .

This is what you can do. You have 10 offers daily and there is 120 000 active request :slight_smile:

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