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Is it legal if we ask some other seller to order my GIG?

Is it legal to ask some other seller to order my GIG and then you can order his/her gig. Just to increase the conversion rate, response rate on the profile? What are the consequences if this is not legal ?


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Exchange of reviews/orders is strictly not allowed. It can lead you to get your account disabled by Fiverr.

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Yes, and don’t believe the people who say you only get banned after the 3rd warning. You may get a warning or banned right away without even one warning if they consider the term violation grave enough.
Don’t risk that.


It’s called review manipulation, and the consequence is that everyone involved gets banned.

You may wish to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, it’s all written there.


According to fiver Terms and conditions It is full of risk so do not use that, thanks!

Hello, it’s not allowed and can get you banned. Anyway it’s not going to help you at all. You need real buyers.

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Probably not. Only if they actually in need of your service.