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Is it legal on fiverr to deliver a URL?

In my gig I have to deliver an interactive mockup, to do that I have to deliver the source file (which is not included in the package) or I can send the work in URL where the user can use it,

Is it okay and legal to deliver the work in a URL?


I dont understand the question, or the problem maybe. You cant zip up the source and send it through fiverr?

No i don’t want to send the source file, I want just to send only the final result and it is possible to send only via and URL

I think it’s okay, as long as the URL is not linking to something personal that make the buyer can contact you personally.

I use Dropbox link to send some of my file, especially when the file is too big or too much.

yes, its okay to deliver from a url. just attach a screenshot of your work and share the link of the url which contains your file.


For the most part a good rule of thumb…its not going to get you in trouble if it’s required to deliver your gig. Just document everything with a screen shot as linda mentioned in case they say you didn’t deliver.