Is it legal or comes in violating TOS of fiverr


hi everyone i just wanna know that asking my buyer to leave a positive feedback on the order page after delivering the order is fine or fiverr may take actions against it by limiting our accounts ?


Saying something like “if you like my work, please feel free to leave me positive feedback” is OK because you are inviting them to leave you feedback rather than telling them.


I write this with every order:

Hey There!

Many thanks for waiting :slight_smile: Here are your completed articles. If you have any problems then please do not hesitate to get in touch before

negative feedback. I live to help! If you love the articles then I would ABSOLUTELY love if you left positive feedback. Your comments are what keep me

going :slight_smile:


Ryan Gillam


I have always felt that if you do a great job, then you should be recognized for it! Some people may not understand the value of a positive rating and may overlook it. If you have provided exceptional service, I think you have a right to offer the buyer the chance to acknowledge it!

If you did not put in 150%, then you shouldn’t ask for a shining star, but if you gave it your all and satisfied your client, you need not worry about asking for the recommendation!

Any satisfied customer would gladly provide positive feedback, if they know it’s something they can do!

If you have given it everything you got, and the buyer is not satisfied, it may be an opportunity for you to examine how you set your service expectations.

If you promise the world and deliver a box of chocolates, you probably didn’t live up to the buyers expectations…