Is It legal these actions in fiverr?


Someone send me document and want me to sign it and send him again.

how can i make sure it has no virus ?
is it legal in fiverr?

should i sign the doc


Is it an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

If it is, then you can sign it in an order if it is required for you to complete the order, but you must have an order first. If the buyer won’t order before you sign the document then you may have to create a custom gig to cover the NDA though it would be better not to do this.

If it’s not an NDA then you will have to be more specific.

You make sure it has no virus the same way you make sure any document that anyone sends you has no virus.

If you’re unsure or unhappy then tell the buyer that you’re sorry you can’t help him with his project.


i have already some gigs, but the buyer want me to sign documnet without any ordering?
secondly, i don’t know how to make sure that there is no virus in documnet,
there is no built up function like other uploading sites.

but it seems to be NDA


Upload it to virustotal(google it) and it will give you results of a ton of antivirus software, it was made by some google employees I think, really great site. If you are worried about downloading it, I don’t know, try a VM?


Before you do anything please contact customer support and ask them if it’s ok since an NDA usually requires personal information and contact info.


I would never sign anything.


he didn’t still buy anything,
also, he need also sign.


what is VM?

but downlaoding anything will start running the virus- without opening file -

mean if it has virus


The project might contain sensitive information. If that’s the case the client wants to protect himself and wants you to sign the NDA before he assigns you the project.

But again you need to check with customer support .


that is right, and the buyer said that,

but how contacting customer support?


There you can submit a request.


I do not think you should sign anything. It appears that you may not understand what it is that you are signing.


starters looking for some jobs,

already is there is something harmful if i sign it ??


Not necessarily. It really depends on the content of the NDA. Usually they want to make sure you are keeping the content confidential. But again you need to ask CS they might not allow it.


excellent answer, thanks alot


Usually opening a file is what triggers it, downloading is usually harmless. VM is virtual machine, like a virtual computer inside your PC run by a software program that is isolated from your main computer. Or you could use an old computer that you don’t use anymore.


thanks alot for your reply