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Is it legal to do Micro job website or Freelancer website development on fiverr?


Hi doers, all i need to know is about, i am offering ecommerce services and many buyers want to get the website like freelancer or microjobs, is it legal to do these services on fiverr?


Let me get this right… You want to use fiverr, to get paid for creating a website that is in competition to fiverr?


well, thank you for reply. but i am really confused to get that type of orders, i mean making website like fiverr (obviously very simple on not any algorithm etc) on fiverr, is it legal or not?


You’d be better to ask Fiverr CS to be on the safe side. :wink:


yes you are right but i have done this before but did not get any warning or etc, but i was new at that time, so now i am more curious to know, so they won’t ban.


and i also read the TOS very carefully and it seems they have not talked about this.


There are a lot of things they don’t mention in the ToS. Please do ask CS if you’re unsure.


Here is the reply from Support thankyou All for assistance.