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Is it legal to offer Fiverr gig description writing service?

I’m a professional writer, and I’ve seen a lot of people selling “Fiverr thumbnail design” service. Will it be against Fiverr’s terms and conditions if I offer a gig description writing service?


It’s so cool to see this post because within literally the past couple of hours I decided I wanted to try a gig for Copywriting including services for Fiverr…so essentially I have the same question! Bookmarking :wink: and best of luck!!

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Thanks for your support.

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It is against TOS to help sellers with their gig description.

Fiverr wants buyers to be able to judge a seller’s ability to communicate. How can the buyer know that if someone else writes their gig description?

Besides sellers who once offered that service have had their gigs for the service removed and received warning from Fiverr.

It has been discussed many times here.


@vickiespencer Thank you for your well-thought-out explanation. You are right. I’m a newbie on Fiverr. Please accept my apologies for asking the same query.


To expand upon that, there are restrictions and requirements based upon specific services offered as well.

If one provides a drawing/painting/illustration service, then an example of the seller’s own work has to be uploaded onto the gig. Voice over service must provide an audio demo of the seller’s voice. Video service must provide a video demonstration made by the seller, and so forth.


A short time ago there was a seller here who was offering proofreading, yet she had many errors in her profile and gig description. She thought merely by using Grammarly she was qualified to offer the service.

Forum members explained to her that she was not prepared to offer that service because of the reasons above. She relented and took her gig down.

Imagine if someone had written her profile and gig description?

The seller could of had orders canceled and the buyers would be puzzled by the discrepancy between the work provided and what they read in the gig description.


@vickiespencer You’re right. Thank you for taking the time to explain the scenario. I appreciate it.

I’m not sure it’s against the TOS (I don’t think it’s in there) but it won’t be allowed. I think it’s one of their hidden rules/not in their editorial focus.

This post has what CS said about it:

At that time (CS screenshot from 2015 - post is from 2018) they said “If 2 [a gig to write your gig descriptions] are created there is a chance that those gigs will not appear in the marketplace as it is not within our Editorial focus.”.

I assume a warning might be given now. They should add that it’s not allowed in the TOS or a policy page though (since I don’t think they currently do) if they disallow it (which they seem to).


Regarding this,
In a recent event Fiverr team (so staff working for Fiverr) bought items (design, video etc.) from sellers that have GIGs for:
a) making your GIG photo
b) making your GIG video
c) writing your GIG description

And they shared the files they purchased publicly with the names of the sellers.

And then we have this:

So from this point of view, it seems that offering to write someone’s GIG description is as per rules.

Maybe @ounvesabia you could ask CS directly with screenshots above is that allowed or not and share the reply here?

Thank you.


There’s a screenshot from CS in the post I linked to above.

The full message from CS that was sent to someone in July 2015 (so maybe things might have changed since then) is:

Hello there,
Generally services that assist in promoting Gigs here on Fiverr are not permitted. 1, 3 and 5 will be denied if they are created.

If 2 [“I will write your gig description”], 4 and 6 are created there is a chance that those gigs will not appear in the marketplace as it is not within our Editorial focus. Hope this helps.

But you’re right, a new message from CS would help so we have an update on what’s allowed/what’s not. Though they should really put all that in the TOS/policy pages.


I will contact CS to ask if this service is allowed or not.


Not sure, but if the writing itself is not relevant to the services offered, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

As an example, I’ve done a video recently for a web designer’s gig, to show their portfolio. I recorded the websites and turned all the materials into a video. Is that not allowed? Why? The seller is not claiming or offering any video skills, his skills are in web design. Same deal for writing a gig description for someone doing, say, logo design. Or if I’m a logo designer, why can’t I sell a logo to be used by another seller in a different field?

The key factor, at least for me, is not to be misleading in relation to the services the seller is actually offering. You shouldn’t write for a writer, edit a video for a video editor or design a logo for a logo designer.


That’s where the problem lies. Sellers offering English proofreading and/or writing services have had their profiles and gig descriptions written, or rewritten, by native English speakers, misleading potential buyers.


Yeah, that’s a clear conflict of interest. You can’t buy and show the service you’re offering. However, that was not the question as stated. I would think it’s fine to offer gig elements that are not essential to the services being offered in said gig.


I submitted a query to Fiverr to clarify this and customer service could not specify which term in the Terms of Service is breached by creating such a gig, but indicated that they also ‘have internal company guidelines which we can’t disclose’ that requires sellers to write their own descriptions. It’s unfortunate and unfair for new sellers that they are subject to guidelines that may impact on whether a gig is approved or denied, yet those guidelines are not disclosed? There is a clear lack of transparency by Fiverr there…

The above is a reply from this topic: Stop listening to bad advice


I have bought Illustration gig from a Columbian seller who does amazing work. He doesn’t speak or write English all that well; however, his gig page & descriptions are perfect.

I have to guess he hired someone to do it for him. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t have hired him if his gig pages were atrocious, so I’m glad he took the time & money to make his page look professional.

There is no misleading or trickery involved since he doesn’t offer writing service of any kind, translation, proofing, editing, etc. He just offers top notch Illustration.


Wow. Definitely too apprehensive to even try offering any services specific to gigs anyways with how tight the ToS is, as well as horror stories I’ve read of how these same terms can be misconstrued and used in situations without taking context into consideration…BY CS ITSELF!

Just makes me want to giggle a bit at this point because of how truly ridiculous these unseen and essentially unknown “rules”, or even boundaries to the rules, are. They only seem to detriment those who are putting that extra foot forward in terms of services offered, customer service, sales conversions, and even community here on Fiverr.

Bless you for reaching out to get a…”definitive” answer of sorts :sweat_smile: :heartpulse: your efforts are greatly appreciated!



Sorry this took so long to get posted. I got the answer about if we can proofread gigs a few hours ago, but we were traveling out of town to spend time with family.

So, CS sent me two responses. The first one said they had to check with the relevant team.

The second one said this: :arrow_down:


This does make a lot of sense! Basically saying you can proofread and make helpful suggestions, but the seller themselves have to execute making/building off of those changes to keep the gig their own! Also extremely helpful, thank you! Enjoy your family time :yum: