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Is it Legal to send google drive link as delivery?


sometimes there is big files like 80mb or larger

is it legal accoring to fiverr to send files to the customer to test them by google drive as it take alot of time if i send through fiverr?

what is the best way and legal also to send large files to clients.


You can send 1GB of files via Fiverr in one message so I think there is no need for you to use Google Drive. You can use Google Drive and Dropbox to share the content but try to share the data within the Fiverr platform.


yes i know but googledrive is easy to organize files , you can make each project in seprate folders.

so it is legal or not.


So? Just send the files and create your folder and save them in there. I don’t know what is the thing here.

You should contact CS, they will guide you.


thanks alot

good luck


Your work is great btw. :relieved:


So you can zip and upload any of your folder structure. I don’t see any point that you share drive links unless it exceeds 1GB.


This is best thing to know as a beginner…thank you…


Now what is the point of saying same thing again which is already mentioned? :unamused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t see any meaning of this sentence. That’s why i explained in my way. since there is no limitation to help someone, you should be good. :slight_smile:


@helloscoopz?? I am assuming you didn’t read this.


I saw that. but this guy maybe don’t know how to send a folder structure through the platform. that’s why i introduce him the zip thing. no big deal.


thank you very much.


then how to send folder structure,
really don’t know


There is a software called winrar. It’s free. Go ahead and download it. Then simply install by doing next next. once you installed it you will be able to create .zip or .rar file like you create a new folder.

Then you will have new zip file. just double click and open it. drag and drop all the files and folders you want to send into the winrar window. and then you have all of those folders and files you’ve dragged into the window in your zip file. Just upload that zip as your delivery. then then buyer can unzip and use the exact same file/ folder structure you dragged into that winrar zip. That’s it.


^^^^ This is the proper way to send large files on fiverr. This is the correct answer.


so compressing files is the correct way == valid “only”


As I said, he gave the correct answer. It’s fast to upload them using the fiverr platform.