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Is it legal to write people on fiverr (inbox) and propose your service?

Is it legal to write people on fiverr (inbox) and propose your service?
Like make them a video for gig for example?


Only if they message you first and ask you about your service. Otherwise it’s spam, and you can get your messaging disabled (and, if you’re really persistent, you can get permanently banned, too).


Not to mention, it’s just bad business practice. Most of us get so much spam, we’ve grown either volatile towards it, or have automatic mental filters we’ve grown to classify those who send it as scammers.


Its not illegal but as @catwriter mentioned, its spam. Theses days many new sellers are trying this and they end up getting their message or account disabled.


Yes, please don’t do that.
Maybe you can try to be active applying on buyer request section.
That is some kind of our chance to offering our service to client.

Of course apply to the job you think you are able to do, otherwise it will be consider spamming too on buyer side.

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It’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Never do this, it is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, be careful, if any buyer complains about this act then your account will be banned.

Just send 10 offers to the buyers through buyer requests section.

Buyers will contact you once they contact then you can send them special discount offers.


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Is it possible to block a user so he can not write to you or buy your gigs? There are many malicious people who just want to give bad grades to harm.

You can report a message (eg. if it violates the terms of service) and it should give you an option to block the user from messaging you (though I think some people have said it doesn’t always stop the person from messaging them). As far as I know there’s no way to stop a person from ordering your gig - though you could increase your gig prices.

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