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Is it make problem when I edit my Gig?


Hello everybody, I am new at fiverr forum, I need to learn from here and love to share my experience and dedicated to help other.

Can anyone please tell me, when I am edit my gig is it make any issue or problem?


The only issue is that your gig will not appear in search for 24-48 hours. After reviewing by the fiverr team it will start appearing.


many many thanks for your reply,
But when I edit my gigs 2/3 times in a week, is it make any SEO or Gig marketting problem?


yes it can cause to your gig, because everytime you update your gig, it will stop appearing on search results.


Is it make decreasing the gig seo score?


Its against the fiverr TOS to use same payment method on two different accounts
It will cause your both accounts suspended so be careful and remove that method from one of your accounts


Don’t do that. If you doing same work again it will make an negative issue and fiverr block you again


yes it can affect, if you edit your gig regularly