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Is it me or am I the only one uncomfortable with the "Rejection of Work" option? [ARCHIVED]


I guess this best goes under “Chit Chat”. Anyhow, I was made aware that there was the ability to reject work now (happened when I submitted an order as finished but seemed what I had done had affected some other portion of a site; No biggie I’ll fix things that I’ve broken by accident) but I’m not sure if I’m the only one who sees the potential in abuse for this. Of course there’s the good reasons like being able to refine work and gain prospective recurring buyers, but I can also see someone submitting such a claim for digitally submitted work, file for rejection falsely, then claim the work wasn’t up to par, cancel, and then you see your work on display on their webpage or something of that sort. I just thought that someone should play devil’s advocate on this and see what others think of it.


There actually is a discussion about that already and the general consensus is there can be abuses and it’s probably better than “thumbs down” from honorable buyers.

Also, if there’s “digital work” you can watermark or otherwise give and get an acceptance message before “delivering the final without” might help your case with customer service.


Here’s that other discussion. Warning it got heated :slight_smile:


Wow, seems to have gotten really heated. As for the whole watermarking option, realize that “digital work” doesn’t simply apply to photography or graphics. Anything “digitally tangible” is mainly what I speak of, like web designs/templates, pdf files, and other forms of digital goods that can be sold.


I hate rejection in any form… :((


In my point of view rejection is better than thumbs down.

In business a buyer is always right even he/she is not. So its all about buyer satisfaction.

I feel bad but I thank God and Fiverr for getting me a second chance… :slight_smile:


For me if they reject my work then something is up with the chart and I need to get in communcaiton with the buyer to find out what is wrong and correct it


Reply to @photofiverr: I’m sorry but “the customer is always right” is wrong and this was clearly made note of in the first post. You can’t offer work that isn’t of of your nature. It’s not going to happen.

Edit: Derp, wrong topic (as it wasn’t made note of in the first post) but still, there is enough context in this post to know where I was going.


I’ve never had a buyer use the “rejections of work”. When they’ve wanted something changing, they’ve usually messaged me about it. Some have even accepted the work and then asked for a little change in a PM. I guess I’m lucky in that sense.

With writing articles, it would be so easy for a buyer to reject my work and then use it for their own gain afterwards and there are some people like that out there - I’ve had it happen in the past but not through Fiverr. It’s difficult to protect yourself from that happening but when I have found it happen, I’ve gotten in touch with the buyer/client up to three times to explain the situation. If that hasn’t worked, I’ve then gone directly to the website owner with proof that it was written by me but no payment made etc. It’s a long process and it doesn’t always work but it’s just a risk taken with sending digital files.


It depends on the quality of the work you provide. But some buyers can be a pain in the ass. They would just reject the work, no matter what. In such cases, Fiverr support Desk is for you. :slight_smile: