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Is it me or other sellers gigs also disappeard today from search?



This is regarding a issue which i faced before too.

2 weeks back my gig was vanished and was worried that time like what happened and why. But after 24 hours or something it came back to its position in search again.

But today india time around 4PM in the evening my gig again vanished and i started worrying again and did some digging and found my gig which appears on first page of search results is appearing on the last page and its the ■■■■ last gig on last page =]]

So i saw a similar issue another seller also faced. So i became curious and created this thread to know. If anyone else gig also disappeared within last 24 hours ?

If yes check if its the last gig in search results on the last page ?

If yes then we all are facing same issue.

Then just create a ticket to support. Give this ticket to them and tell them we are facing same issue since yesterday.

Thank you.


No one else facing such issue ?