Is it me or you are also seeing same type of search results?



Since yesterday whenever i tried to search for any particular keyword on fiverr.

Relevance filter is showing me logo design search results.

I tried to search for graphic design, Its showing me logo design gigs as search results.

I tried to search for icon design, Its showing me logo design gigs as search results.

I did search in both ways, while Logged in and while not logged in into my account.

Both i can see same search results.

Something is wrong with fiverr since yesterday.


Yes, I am having same problem from my side too. Still now, I can see the same problem. If I search with specific keyword then it comes up with random results although I did not search them. Is it a bug for a short time or longer?


I have no idea about it. But yes search isnt properly functional.

its showing non relevant results.

Kindly create a support ticket as well…


yes. I can see the same problem to. I cant fine my gig to.


I’ve been experiencing the same issue. The search results are completely irrelevant to what I’m searching for.


There is some issue with the Fiverr gig placement since 1st of August.
Many users are reporting the same.
Even my gig positions are messed up at the moment. One of my best selling gig which was on the first page under Avg. customer reviews is now on the second page.


I have a feeling that the August 1 search/gig listings update is the way things are supposed to be. It looks like the update was significant, and some people gained placement, while others lost it. Remember, Fiverr did announce that they are redoing the search/ranking system to reflect gig tags, not gig SEO. A change this major will naturally result in significant placement changes.