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Is it me or you cannot search for buyers request

Since I joined I have been trying to search for gigs that relate to what I offer but nothing!!

All I get are last years requests, what’s up with that? Something needs to be done…

anybody with news tips of finding buyers?? I have already tried all the suggestions I have come across in the different discussions but nothing still… :((

Well, for me they aren’t updating since Oct 2. On the top of my list I still have the ones from two days ago. But not the ones from last year, that’s messed up!

its stop updating from October 3 what is the problem ?

I cannot find gigs that potential clients order all I have to do is wait for some miracle for buyers to find me through the sharing of my gigs

@kjblynx thanks big time for the reassurance, I will continue with the social media platforms till I be getting like 5 orders a day :slight_smile: wish me luck

I’m trying to find kids to help with my students’ drama project in December. We need character actors. Does anyone know any really good gigs that we might check out? On the old version of FIVERR there was a very helpful feature: it listed similar gigs from other sellers. Sometimes I find it really difficult to find gigs I need with this new version.



Reply to @aolo8891: good luck :slight_smile:

same issues here as well barely any updates