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Is it must that earn 20,000 to become top rated seller?


Is it must that earn 20,000 to become a top rated seller?


Yes, that is one of the requirements.

And even if you achieve that all-time sales level, there is no guarantee that you will earn TRS, since the TRS level is manually selected by Fiverr. You cannot earn it on your own.


You can earn it by own if you work hard and prove to fiver that you can become TRS.


Jonbaas meant you need to have the fiverr editors decide to make you a Top Rated Seller. Just meeting the requirements won’t make you a TRS.


It is a “REQUIREMENT”. If you aren’t aware of what it means read the following definition.

plural noun: requirements
  1. a thing that is needed or wanted.
    "choose the type of window that suits your requirements best"
    • a thing that is compulsory; a necessary condition.
      "applicants must satisfy the normal entry requirements"
      synonyms: need, wish, demand, want, necessity, essential, necessary/essential item; More
      prerequisite, requisite, precondition, condition, stipulation, specification;
      desideratum, sine qua non;
      "it's essential to assess your requirements carefully before you buy"