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Is it necessary to have more than 1 gig

I have only one main gig and later i built another gig because i don’t have orders. Still i don’t get orders. Please tell me how you won fiverr. I’m not a rich guy and I want to win my life. Please help me…

Good day @masterzieye, how are you doing? What I suggest is to add as many as possible, this referred to 7 Gigs as a new seller. But this depends of course what your expertise is? In the long run, you’ll see what gigs are doing well and which don’t. You can always delete the ones that are not getting any traction and replace it with another until you have 7 successful Gigs running. Keep in mind this is how I run my Gigs, does not mean you should do the same. I wish you a wonderful weekend. Best of luck to you !!

Kindly, Humberto


thanks a lot for helping me.