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Is it necessary to have Payoneer card on Same name as on Fiverr?

Is it necessary to have Payoneer card on the Same name as on Fiverr?

One of my friends want to know that he has Payoneer card of his father can he use it on his Fiverr account to withdraw his money or he has to create an own card on his name?


No, it is not necessary


@burnbetty are you sure about it? So, i could tell friend :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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yes I am sure about it, you can tell your friend

Yes, you can! You just need a valid Payoneer ID, Valid means which ID isn’t attached to another Fiverr account.
(Name doesn’t matter :wink: )

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@seoexpert234 No. It is not necessary. But you should mind it that payoneer is very alert about fake and spamming.

as long as you not using it illegally


There’s not any sort of problem using the card of different name.

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Can i use my brothers payoneer account and his attached bank account for withdrawing funds from fiverr??

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