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Is it necessary to send all 10 Buyer Requests daily?

I check the Buyer Request section every day, and yes there are many requests.
But I haven’t sent all 10 in one single day.
I’m really serious when sending an offer: read, choose words, and samples, so It took time.
And on those days when I’d been on current projects, especially which closed to the deadline, couldn’t send a new offer.
So do we need to force ourself to send all 10 Buyer Request daily?
Does it help to get a high ranking?


No it’s not necessary. And it’s no effect on your gig ranking.


when you have an order. It is not necessary to send buyers. You will get more orders. .

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Carry on doing what you’re doing.

I don’t like buyer requests personally - but if you do respond to them you have to understand what the buyer wants and explain why your skills align with their project. You are already doing this!

The worst thing you can do (and we see this in the forums a lot) is send generic copy and paste responses. These rarely ever work.


No, it’s a bad tip.
Besides, I never even see 10 BRs worthy of an offer in a day. I barely use more than 3/4 at a time.


nope. Buyer Request is just a sanding offer to buyers. it does not impact on ranking.


It’s really helpful for New Seller for getting their first order, If you think you have enough order then you can skip this.

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Thank you @sultanaparvin23. It’s good to know it

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Yes, thank you @santush23

Thank you. Happy selling to you too @zunairramzan


Thank you @shubashis_pal

Hi @rakib0013. Actually, I already had dozens of orders. And still want to get more new clients. Thank you very much


Hi @english_voice.
Yes I agree. As I mentioned, before sending any offer, I always read to know what exactly the buyer expects to get the project done, what they require.
So for sure, all the offers sent will stick on those requirements, no 2 of them were the same.
Sometimes I have a bit of curiosity, Fiverr gives us 10 Buyer Request daily, there might be a reason for that, or that could be an average number.
Then It led me to this question: Is it necessary to send all 10 Buyer Requests daily?
Thank you very much for your experience @english_voice. I really appreciate it

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Thank you @mattboa for your experiences

Buyer Request is just a sanding offers to buyers.It is not necessary to send buyers & it’s no effect on your gig ranking.

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