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Is it Normal/Allowed for Sellers to Only Accept Orders with Extras?


I’n a new buyer looking to test 100 or so services. I’ve ordered around 30 so far. I had a couple of my orders cancelled and the explanation was that the seller was unwilling to do the gig unless I paid for some Gig Extras because $5 was not worth their time.

Is this allowed? I feel like this defeats the purpose of Fiverr unless I have things wrong. I understand using the $5 Gig as sort of a “loss leader” and wanting to upsell the extras. As a buyer right now I’m looking to test buy, which would lead to regular higher spending with sellers who meet my needs. But I just figure if you offer a $5 service and the gig is currently showing as active ( I came across some that were Paused so assumed that was the standard/honest procedure for when the seller can’t be bothered to do $5 of work for $5) that you are supposed to be doing that and the extras are optional. If the $5 work is too much work, offer something less for the $5. I didn’t think using the system to completely circumvent offering $5 gigs would be acceptable.

Just to be clear, I ordered a gig and provided the required details without any special requests or anything that would make my gig order anything beyond the absolute basic being advertised. This was after being asked to provide info by the seller (beyond the automatic request by fiverr).


Yeah, this gig was not paused. I made the comment about pausing because another gig I had bookmarked was paused, and I figured that’s what sellers should do if they can’t handle new orders.

This gig was a link building one that only asked for a url and a keyword. So I provided a url and keyword, nothing complicated- and the topic is something that almost everyone uses daily- so nothing obscure. Oh well, I’m waiting on many similar orders and now I have some extra funds to look for a couple more.

Oh, it appears it is paused now. So maybe I just hit bad timing with the seller at this time.


Try some other sellers! There are amazing sellers here at the Fiverr forum.


Thanks. I’m looking for specific services right now, but I see some interesting ones I might go back to from looking around in the forum : )


try other great sellers like me, sorry for ur bad experience dear