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Is it normal for sales to stop when you extend an order deadline?

I’ve never extended a deadline for an order before but someone ordered some extras so I extended the deadline for one day. Sales stopped. Messages stopped.

Is this normal?

If this is normal then why offer extras on orders that take longer?

Maybe fiverr halts sales thinking I can’t complete orders on time but I had delivered the order with time to spare but the seller ordered two more extras after delivery.

Clearly me asking for an extra day triggered a halt to my sales.

When he ordered the extras it was 2:00 A.M. and I was lucky to be awake and see the additional extras he wanted, and have him agree to extend the deadline. Otherwise the order would have been late even though I had already delivered it on time.


That’s not the case
I had to extend the order deadline sometimes coz of some data missing at buyers end or sometimes in case they need an extra.

I’ve been using that option all the time
Never has any impact on sales

Don’t know if there are any current changes in the use of delivery extension option


I wouldn’t think it would be but the immediate halt in messages and sales was dramatic.

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I extend orders quite often, either due to my workload or to people not sending info on time.

I didn’t have any problems with getting orders after that. At least that’s my experience.

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Did your gig go back up in a good position after you had a down time?

I read about it in one of the forum posts

Sorry if it’s off topic

I’m not sure since we can’t tell. What we see is not what others see so there is no way to tell where our gig is showing. I assume no one is seeing it now. As I said I was getting lots of messages and sales and it all came to a sudden stop.

Ok then maybe there is another reason which I’m not aware of.

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Impressions were cut in half for some reason.

@misscrystal Oh no. I do this often depending on what the situation is. It doesn’t matter.

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On October 1 I extended the deadline on an order. Here is what my impressions did:

Never had an issue when extending the deadline (I do it, maybe, 3-4 times a year).

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I’ve extended delievery a couple of times and i’ve never had this issue