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Is it normal for someone to post a $20 gig, and then ask you for $160?

I was inquiring about their service, which shows some nice logos, and presents a $20 plan. Their largest charge is $40. The logos they have are beyond just text. Very good work. But this is the conversation that happened:

This is my first time…is there something I am missing?

Drop that seller and try the next one :wink:
If you look at their portfolio then you’ll see that there are some fishy logos which are sold on other sites as well.


Yeah…but I want to know if this is a normal thing?

Nope, price might change if you have special requests, but it won’t change from $20 to $160 just like that without any questions.


it probably is normal for the bad, unethical buyers. Keep testing them until you get a good one. Seek level 2 and TRS level.

you mean sellers? And also, thanks. :slight_smile:


lol yes I meant sellers, sorry on that :slight_smile:

I’ve had a seller quote me a much different price than their gig price when my inquiry should have only taken the standard gig rate. I don’t work with people who do that.

I always ask my customers for a bit more information before making a custom offer. I only charge extra if they have special requests which are not in terms with what my packages are offering.

As @uxreview said, drop this seller and move to another.

Stolen/copied logos is never a good sign. There are many sellers that think it’s ok to showcase others work just to attract buyers.

Is there a good method for seeing if they do copy others work?

right click on the image and hit “search google for this image”.


There is. Usually google images finds them. If you need some help in finding someone who is genuine, I can take a look for you. Depends what kind of logo design you’re looking for. If you’re into minimalist, feel free to check out my gig as well :slight_smile: I’m not saying you should go with me, see if my style matches yours!

This isn’t normal. Of course it’s possible that a custom offer has a higher or even a lower price than if you would order the gig directly. The fact that this dude is already asking 8 times the gig price without any explanation or exchange of more detailed information on the job shows that it is someone you should totally not trust.

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Did anyone else read it all and just go "what…"