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Is it normal if you see 3/30 days without warning

Is it normal if you see 3/30 days without a warning? I don’t see any notification of violation. Only 1 day Fiverr. verified my identification. After they opened my Fiverr account. I never share my personal details with anyone. I don’t want to lose my work. I am so worried.


This is fine! You have to get to 30 days without warning to get to level 1. Tomorrow it will show 4/30 (assuming you don’t get a warning!)

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thank you so much for responding me. it helps me.

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my pleasure, it’s nice to be nice!

Hang on… looking again it says you’ve been a seller for 60 days? So you must have got a warning for it to reset. I would contact fiver support and ask them…

Okay. I hope it’s all okay

You have recently received a warning on fiverr. Which is why it says 3/30 days ‘without’ warning.

Contact support and ask, be friendly, they want to help (in my experience) and you need to know what happened so it doesn’t happen again!

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