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Is it normal not to hear from a gig have paid for till deadline?

Hi there

I have requested the service to design me a logo for my new company and i have not heard anything at all. its a 3 day turnaround but because of the weekend its been 5 days. i don’t mind that. I did get a prompt to send some information over so he knows what direction to go in with my logo. I also put a rush on it. there are 10 hours left and i still have not heard anything at all yet he has stars by his name. I don’t want to name and shame as the time is not up but to receive absolutely no contact whatsoever i think is kinda odd. since then i have sent out feelers to 3 other designers, all of whom have gotten back to me so i am now stumped. I know i have to wait and give this designer the benefit of the doubt but from 3-5 days right down to a few hours left with no contact is not great communication skills shown here. I am not filled with confidence that this job will be completed in the time allotted.

if i receive no contact and the time elapses what is my next move? i am very new and have only joined on the recommendation of someone in the states (i being in the UK)

thanks for taking the time to read this

Just a thought, have you tried to contact the seller since you placed your order? Does the seller have a full queue (you should be able to see this by going to the order page)?

If their queue is empty and you’ve sent several messages requesting an update, then I would be inclined to cancel the order once the deadline is up. However, it can be common for some sellers (myself included) to simply not have the time to respond to their buyers instructions. If you provided the necessary info then they may not have a reason to contact you and are in the process of working on your project. Be patient until the deadline is up.

Hopefully it all works out for the best:)

after i placed the order i got a message saying something along the lines of ‘thanks for the order, here is what i need from you in order to complete the gig…’ and i sent it all off. i have not heard annything since

99% positiveness rating. 1 day responsioveness. 5 stars. nothing to say that he is too busy and cannot handle any work anymore. the deadline is over. the timer say LATE in red. I will see about cancelling the order