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Is it normal that buyers don't reply back?

Hey! Im new on fiverr since yesterday.

I got 1 request from a buyer today. I reply back as soon as I can (approx some minutes).
Since then I got no message anymore. With the very few info I got I started working on the concept and finished the work immediatly to have something ready, if the buyers decide message me again.
My question is how common is it, that buyers don’t reply anymore even if they do not interest anymore?


@valon_art yeah it happens. Just treat it like it never came if they don’t. You can remind them you’re available, but don’t spam them. Cheers

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Welcome to Fiverr. Best of luck! This will happen… a lot. Make as many connections you can and hopefully a few will payoff.


Ok, thanks for the information. I don’t intend to spam the buyer. I just got the work done and send them as an offer. This was my last message to the buyer.
It’s just a bit strange for me. Because I thought people would reply back even if they don’t interest anymore. A short “no interest” will do it. But ok, I’m learning.

Best luck to all of you, too!

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It’s good advice to not start any work until you have an actual order. Your time is valuable.


Yes, you’re right. But since this was my first message and while I’m waiting I saw this as an warm up.
It was an easy design for me so I have done it.
But overall I agree with you.

Yes, agreed. Practice is the singular exception, though you have to make sure you start with that mindset.


I understand the excitement about receiving the first message on Fiverr. It comes with awe and fills you with the positive energy that you are about making your first sale on Fiverr, especially if you have waited for some time.

You might still get up to five of that or less before the main order comes.
Good luck.

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its really confusing situation. i also face that. anyone contact and leave, even never told that they already find other freelancer and no need to wait.
i think it part of work. during work we can face different situations. its better to think forward and spend time and energy for next projects.

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Welcome to Fiverr. Best of luck! thanks for the information.

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Yes, I was like frozen and can’t believe it, because I already read that a lot of people still waiting.
But in the end it was just a message and nothing else :smile:

Thanks for sharing the experiences. I appreciate that much :+1:

Welcome to Fiverr buddy :innocent:

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As a newbies many buyer will come and asked trial work, I did it so many times at the begnining because I thought if i do trial and made sample work then they’ll order. :grin: But now I realize this type of buyer actually don’t made order, they expect only free work. :wink: So just ignore this type of client.

If you do marketing and send buyer request daily then you’ll get quality client and order which can bring success. :blush: