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Is it normal that sellers don't really respond your messages but only update requests?

I’ve been on Fiverr for about a month now. I am going around for design gigs majorly and found some great talents. There is something I find that is quite weird and I am looking for other people’s experience in this.

So recently, I placed down 3 design related orders to 3 different sellers. All of them are all 5 stars rating and appear on the 1st page of search result. The 1st seller offered the lowest price, respond in time and I had a great 1 week working with her. A little bit flaws in the delivered result since she missed some details but I would say good enough.

The second one offered an expensive bundle, and I accepted since the seller has some really good sample pages (I was assuming those were made by her but seems not). Since the project started, she won’t respond me unless I requested an update. It is almost instant reply once I send the request but she never reply any messages in the chat. The delivery of 1st sketch is one day late than promised and, tbh, it is a lot worse than the 1st order I had. The 1st seller had 1st sketch in adobe illustration but this one gave me bunch of pencil drawings taken by pictures and those drawings are not professional at all. She hasn’t respond me 3 days already since the 1st sketch update. Should I request an update or just wait till the end of delivery and request a refund. I am guessing she will delivery some kind of garbage to cheat the system since she is very sensitive to the request system.

The 3rd seller is pretty much same as the second one, but with bit lower price. Only reply upon update request, but she explained that she read but not reply sometimes. I am tired of requesting update so I am just sitting and wait.

I do not know if this is common case on Fiverr that people just showed up at the deadline and deliver some random stuff without much communication. I am paying $500+ for each design gig and I think it should worth their time to respond.

Guys, need help and suggestions.


If you are unsatisfied by results then you have paid a lot for this, yes, ask for a refund but first, try to clearly explain your situation to them and be patient.

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So the second and third sellers are designing whatever you need on a paper, then tracing it to illustrator or whatever?

I’m sorry, but that task takes a lot of time and effort. I do not see what updates you expect to be honest. If they need any info or feedback from you, they’ll reach out and ask. Otherwise, there is no reason to contact.

You have placed an order. It won’t hurt to have a little faith.

Next time, talk to the seller and discuss everything before placing an order, including the frequency of updates.

Best wishes.


If I understand you correctly, they did not run out of the deadline yet. Some sellers choose to update you within the delivery time, some sellers deliver the first unrevised product just before the timer runs out. It is personal preference really, I choose to include the revisional process within the deadline I state, but not everyone will think like that, and they are not requested to.

I completely understand your frustration though, you are paying them big money, but calling them scammers is a bit harsh when you did not even see what they would deliver as a yet unrevised but polished product.

My advice is to let them deliver. Bombarding them with messages and update requests will not make them update you more often, in fact, they will most likely dread answering you. If they do not send what was agreed upon, Fiverr most likely will have your back, and these sellers know that.


To be more specific, my order involves several rounds of revisions since it is more of a fashion design. The process is supposed to be me receiving several sketches for general ideas and specs then move on to create tech details after deciding on a sketch. Here is an example of sketch I received from 2nd seller so you can better understand my confusion. The 1st seller provided a fully rendered illustration in professional software but this one, tbh, is quite disappointing. I was, at least, expecting a 3d sketch. I also doubt if people can really imagine this in 3d dimension. I picked few interesting sketches and asked her to provide a more 3dimensional sketch and never got a respond back.

If this is a 3d model rig job, I won’t be bothered to contact seller at all, but this kind of design requires a process of communication before final delivery. That’s also why I am willing to accept a higher price compare to other ‘linear’ design gigs.

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Okay, that doesn’t look too good, but…

It’s only an initial sketch, and…

So I’m gonna assume you found something of value in what they delivered.

The only response they could have sent was an okay. It isn’t professional of them to not respond at all. But consider this…

  • If there is an active order, Fiverr doesn’t make it easy to respond in inbox. It’s best to send messages or requests on the order page only.

  • Sometimes, messages do not go through. So go ahead and ask for an update. Raise a request if that’s what it takes.

If they don’t respond at all or deliver something mediocre, customer support will have your back. There is nothing to lose except the time invested.

Another analogy..

How many orders do they have in queue? If there are too many, you might be dealing with a team of designers instead of one. That will explain the mismatch in designs and delay in response.

Though, I won’t jump on any conclusion.

Let’s hope for the best.

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That sketch is indeed not quality. Are these milestone orders or just regular single payment orders? With milestone, if that was the agreement, I can imagine they only delivered sketches, however, with a single payment order, I would find that too risky on their part.

Just to clarify, these were delivered as an official delivery through the system and they were not sent in either the regular chat or in the order chat, right?

I see what you mean. Ok, I do designing myself and one thing I know is it doesn’t take professional drawing to make a good design especially if it’s going to be tech designed.

      Probably because they're 5 star ratings they feel getting regular updates will seem like you're doing the design and only getting their tech design part so they might want to do their independent ideas first. 
      For me I like putting up suggestions and give out a variety of ideas because designing is about creativity unless there're specific details in the design that have some particular meaning that they shouldn't be compromised. Sometimes your ideas may not be the best so allow them to do their work just be patient, if you don't get what you like then Fiverr can come in. But despite the patience, be mindful of the agreed deadline.

I hope this helps.


I found out it seems to be common that some fashion designers don’t really reply messages unless an update is requested. I just got one reply since my last message 3 days ago. The reply is friendly and she seems to suggest that it is ‘unconventional’ for them to reply every single message, but she promised me to reply me since now to confirm she read the message.

I might be a little bit over-concerned on this issue since I really hope my $500+ worth of gig will worth its value. I’ve changed my title from wording them ‘scammers’ to current one. I am no longer pushing the communication and just as some of the replies suggested. I am putting some faith and just patiently wait now.

BTW, it seems to be a nice feature to show if people read the message just like fb messenger. That will make me feel a lot less unsecured since I know if they read my message no matter if they respond or not.


I do not mind my Mix clients talking to me about their song or messages in their work. I like them to feel engaged. What I do not appreciate is them thinking that I am their puppet with constant advice on how I should be mixing the track.

If I sent my work to someone I respected & trusted, I would chat about things if they wished but not about how they are supposed to make my song work, unless they ask specifically. I would have given all my ideas at the very start, before they even took on the job.