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Is it normal to be threatened with cancelling an order unless I immediately pay more?

After searching for weeks and finally deciding on having a user on fiverr do my resume, I put in my order today. Seems like $80 well spent. I send the user a onepage with my current resume, along with a host of other(probably useless) information. I even went as far as to say that even though I ordered the “Get this order done in 1 day” option for an extra $40, I don’t need the resume till early next week, so feel free to take your time this weekend. The first message I get back is saying that what I sent is currently 4 pages, and her gig only covers 2 pages. I must have missed that part on her page. I send back explaining that 2 pages should be plenty for my resume, and I was just hoping she would choose what information is relevant out of the pages I sent to make it work. but that I would be happy to pay $20 more if she really thinks that my resume could take up more than that.

Now is where it gets interesting. My next message back is:

"that information I still have to go through and try to combine/condense. If you would like me to continue, I can, but you would need to add in another $20. You can buy quantity 2 for the resume rewrite. That is what most do. Thx. If not, I can cancel. Sorry for any confusion."

At this point, it seems like she is just going to completely stop if I don’t pay the other $20. So I look in to it… NO WHERE ON HER PAGE DOES IT MENTION A 2 PAGE LIMIT. Am I just being intimidated into paying more? I can’t believe that with how much positive feedback she had. I am really scared of getting my order cancelled now for not throwing more money at her.

Someone please just tell me I am overreacting and I should calm down.

I don’t think the sellers reply was rude or threatening. It seems more like an misunderstanding of some sort but you won’t know unless you ask. I know at times buyers messages overwhelm me and jumping from one message to the next, I may start to take shortcuts with my replies from tired fingers. I always appreciated when a buyer was straight forward and threw some cold water my way when things get hectic on my end. You paid for it so ask and decide. But don’t wait too long. The fiverr clock is ticking and if time runs out the seller may not have time to get it done.

I have no idea how two pages of a resume would cost $80. I mean it’s resume, not a novel, all information is there to use. And what does “resume rewrite” mean? Rewrite an existed resume? Woudn’t it make the job easier: information is there and put into words already, just need to make it more professional. How does this cost extra?

But as I do illustrations, some people don’t understand how drawing a realistic portrait would cost $20 and more, the picture is there, just copy it.

So I will not commenting on her price or work, because I really don’t understand it. I’ll just talk about the “threatening” part.

She’s not threatening you, she’s basically saying “my price is…if you want lower price, I’m not the right seller for you.” And she offers the cancellation as a solution. For this part of the story only, yes, you’re overreacting. If you think the price is ridiculous, just cancel it like she said.

Just in case you’re not aware of it: cancellation means that you get a refund. So, she’s saying “this is my price, if it doesn’t work for you, I apologize, and I’ll give you your money back so you can find a seller better suited to your needs”.

Also, since you ordered the extra for doing it in 1 day, her clock is ticking, and the order can be marked as late if she doesn’t deliver within the time frame or cancel. Order being marked as late could harm her business on Fiverr. Whatever you decide, I suggest answering her soon.

Well. I haven’t heard anything back since last night when I posted this. It is now past the 24 hour deadline, which really doesn’t bother me. I would rather it be done well in 2 or 3 days, but not have to wait a full 8 or 9. So the 80 was for the basic gig, plus these extras: resume rewrite(which I hope means rewording everything, since that is my weakest area),

Cover letter(again, I can’t do creative writing to make myself not sound like an idiot).

a $5 tip(because I 'm a nice guy,

and the get it done in 24 hours thing. So I ordered almost every extra she had, and it still seems cheaper than a few places I had found out there to do it(and none of them had easily visible feedback)… So you think I wouldn’t be strongarmed in to throwing out another $20. I guess it is now a waiting game to see if she is just going to cancel it, or if she is actually working on it, since I haven’t heard anything.

miacmht said: I mean it's resume, not a novel, all information is there to use. And what does "resume rewrite" mean?

This order isn't with me, but as a fellow resume writer, I must disagree with the above.

If the seller is doing her job properly (and based on my intuition, I have an idea who it is), then $80 wouldn't touch the surface when it comes to the amount of time and research needed to make a compelling resume.

A resume rewrite isn't just changing the words in front of you, it's carefully constructing the document and ensuring that each point is relevant to the industry and role applied for.

Remember, a resume is a gateway to a new job. A professional resume gets you an interview for (perhaps) the job of your dreams. $80 for that privilege is a small price to pay.
Cashman04: To give you an idea of prices and if you feel they are fair, I charge $55 for a 2 page resume rewrite + $20 for 24 hour delivery. So, the price you've been charged seems pretty normal.

Well 3 things come to mind…

1: If I had been you I would have wanted to cancel that crap asap.

2: Cancellation isn’t a Threat, relax there are plenty of good folks on fiverr in just about every area. Try to find the most appealing to you, not just the highest rating. Though I like most strive for perfection in the ratings, it doesn’t mean professional, just means the seller has dealt with people that matched well enough to all feel okay with the rating. As mentioned in a previous post, there are good sellers, but there are good Buyers too, and obviously, bad of them both…Rating system is faulty here too BTW. :wink: (in my professional opinion) So look for sellers that catch and HOLD your attention most.

3: Micro-Jobs are all about quick, easy, and Up-sale. Despite the level of professionalism rf skill behind the seller/buyer… Remember that…


Yes, it is common for seller to want more money. You are not over-reacting. Do yourself a favor, cancel the order. Fiverr does do well refunding you your money ether. It will take you some time to find someone willing do what I would consider a college favor for $5.

cashman04 said: It is now past the 24 hour deadline, which really doesn't bother me.

If you ordered the Extra fast option (even though you said take your time) the Seller should have delivered as scheduled - being late does affect their ratios and level. You paid for this service and it needs to be delivered accordingly in my opinion.

In regards to:

cashman04 said: that information I still have to go through and try to combine/condense. If you would like me to continue, I can, but you would need to add in another $20. You can buy quantity 2 for the resume rewrite. That is what most do. Thx. If not, I can cancel.

I don't think they want to cancel, but that's the perception. The Seller sounds like they're trying to up sell you. They're not providing clear information about what the issue actually is regarding your resume that would require the purchase of the Gig extra, which is why you're having so much trouble.

The Seller needs to explain what the real issue is and do so in detail - verses just telling you that you can buy another Gig extra because "that is what most do". No buyer wants to be told they should spend more money on another Gig extra especially when they don't understand why and in comparison to what they already purchased.

I do provide resume services, and it's a little sad to see such poor service being had to a buyer. I wouldn't wait for a response if your order is already past the deadline, I would ask for a response. If you don't get a response in the timely manner I would cancel and get your money back.