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Is it normal to get a lot of order one day and than no orders for a few days straight?

Is it normal to get a lot of order one day and than no orders for a few days straight? I’am on first page, getting a lot of impressions, and a okay amount of click as well. I got order in very unusual way. First I get a lot of order in a single day or for 2 days. Then there are no orders for 3 4 days. Though I’m getting the impressions and rank on first page. Why is this so? Does it happens with everyone? Please do let me know so that I can feel a bit less stressed. :smiley:



Hello @mubashirburfat

Welcome to Fiverr and the community. We are happy to have you here with us.

This is absolutely normal and part of freelancing. When you are new, sales will be uneven. Some days, you will have so much work that you will find it difficult to cope up with, and some days you won’t have work for a few days straight to maybe a week. As you gain experience and work with clients, sales will stabilize as you will have repeat clients.

If you not already, I highly recommend that you watch this great free course by Fiverr teaching how to freelance on Fiverr:

Additionally, I will also recommend you that you spend time in this community, it’s a great place to interact and learn from fellow sellers.

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That’s perfectly normal. Don’t get stressed by the lack of orders on some days, for as you said some days just make up for others. It happens to me, I believe my record was 6 in one day. I had silence for a good 4 days after that…

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If you get a lot of orders in one day then enjoy and get your hands on it, you’re having a good rache.


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