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Is it normal to have highs and lows as far orders go?


I have been a seller for a little over a month now and I have had about 11 orders (9 completed, 2 I’m still working on).

I had an influx of orders my first week or two, and now things are pretty stagnant.

Is this normal?

What can I do to try to get some more orders?

Thanks a bunch


Hello, welcome to the forum.
Yes it is normal, you will have ups and downs in your orders, don’t worry.
Sometime I have 20+ orders in a month and sometime less then 10-8.


Thank you. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t because I increased my prices a bit. I realized I was WAY underpricing and selling myself short.


Yes, pricing counts but do not under-price your service, good luck.


Hi, welcome to fiverr forum.
yes, its normal but your activity can grow more and more…

Is there anything I can do to help boost orders?