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Is it normal to NOT get orders?

Hi everyone,

I need to know if it is normal to NOT get orders for weeks. I joined Fiverr last month and so far I got not more than 2 orders. I have already posted 7 gigs. Some tips would be helpful.

Thank you


Have patience. Hopefully you will get more orders very soon.

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Have patiences and send buyer requests Regularly

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I think you should promote your gigs every where means on social media and send daily buyers request with attractive purpose and be patient. Hope you will get orders soon. All the best.

Of course it is normal. Nothing comes to you just because you are sitting and waiting.
Posting your gigs on fiverr doesn’t mean that you will have orders. You need to work to get clients attention


and thanks everyone for advices :blush: Really gives me courage

I agree with you … :slight_smile::slight_smile: