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Is it normal to see on average 1-6 buyer requests daily, as a level 2 seller?

Is it normal to see on average 1-6 buyer requests daily? I’m a level 2 seller with 200+ completed orders. I expected the amount of requests to increase as my profile grew. The amount of requests appearing daily is basically the same as when I started as a seller. I have no warnings, bad reviews, or something like that. I have 2 gigs, with relevant key words.
I was expecting to see around 20 requests daily, by now.



Hi David! I don’t know the Fiverr algorythms, but I see literally hundreds and hundreds of buyer requests daily (I am lever 2 seller too), I’m not sure if it’s normal or not to see 1-6 requests, but you definitely should see much more

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Sometimes I didn’t get any buyer requests in one day. I don’t know why.
I’m level one seller.

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I think it also depends on the filter you set, i.e., you probably dont want to see all of them as rather just the ones that are relevant to you.


Hi David! I’m a Level 1 Seller and I see hundreds of buyer requests every day.

Maybe it’s because I have 7 gigs, which are all in different categories (one of them is logo design which always has tons of buyer requests).

What categories are your gigs in? Because if it’s an uncommon one, maybe that’s why there aren’t as many buyer requests!


It could be the niche I’m in! I offer mixing and mastering services (audio production). I’m gonna try to modify my key words, by having more general words. Perhaps just “music” or “audio”. Hopefully more requests will appear! Thanks for the response so far!

I would never suggest you to do this , it can cause gig de-rank or even completely remove from search results.