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Is it Normal to see the Views and impression decreasing?


Yesterday my gig impression was 9.5k and I am really worried or maybe I never understood how impression works. Today I woke up only to realize that the gig impression decreased to 7.3k. I am really very confused.
Any Tips and suggestion.

  • Impressions means the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails such as home page, buyer search, etc…

  • Views means people who have actually seen the full content of your gig, But this is measured differently from clicks which mean people on Fiverr who clicked your gig,


Thanks for the info, But I was confused how a 9.5k impression can get decreased to 7.5k in just 24hrs.


Dont get too upset for that mate.
that happens because of the fiverr algorithm.its randomize thing that we cant guess :slight_smile:
only selected gigs gets favor from their algorithm.
Dont worry about it. Just try garb many projects from buyers request area. :slight_smile:
Hope you know how to do it since you are a 2nd level seller.


Not really upset but I just noticed today that I am getting 0 impressions, 0 views, and 0 clicks.


Yes it’s normal.


I don’t think so. No impression, no views, and no click plus no orders. Something is not right here.


Same is the case here. I suddenly got 0 impressions, 0 reviews and 0 clicks.


Did you find the solution? I guess this is temporary but strange.


Hope that’s temporary. I have tried to change my tags, reduced my delivery days to 1 day and did some other tweaks but, all in the vein. I got few impressions but still no order at all.


Did you already found a solution, It seems like there was a problem with fiverr’s system. My gigs are normal again.


It is normal!

Fiverr has 3 sections i.e. Average rating, Recommended and New.

Average Rating: The gigs are ranked here as per their rating and the gigs with the highest number of reviews rank above in this section. The ranking is mostly fixed here unless one gig starts performing better than another.

Recommended: This is the default section shown and most of the buyers buy from here (unless they are experienced and go for Average rating). The gigs are continuously rotated in here and that is why the views and impressions increases and decreases.

New: The newest gig appears at the top in this section.


Thanks for the info.


Hi don’t get upset just focus on your progress, i also don’t like to see views and impressions, i always set my monthly target and try to achieve that, so no worries!! All the best