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Is it ok for a level two seller to ask for my user name and password of my webpage


It may sound like a stupid question but I’m nervous doing this without knowing the person? I’m not very good with the internet


Take it easy, If he/she want upload your work into your hosting!! How he/she will do it?? via Bluetooth or Abracadabra :smiley: , I got 3 client Log-in Information to finish their work, and I just Newbie :wink:


Reply to @muradbougraine: Hahahaha, abracadabra.


I wouldn’t give out anything like that. That’s how people get scammed.

Why would a seller need a username and password? That’s just me. But even for website design writing code for a site doesn’t require the username and password. I would be very careful if I were you. Not to mention that it’s against the rules of Fiverr.


It’s impossible to say if a person is trustworthy or not, sadly.

To get to be a level 2 seller, somebody needs to sell 50 gigs. That should mean somebody is fairly trustworthy if they have the purple badge, but it’s no guarantee.

What do they want your username and password for anyway?


If they are using Cpanel, or trying to upload files directly to your site it may be needed depending on the work being required. though I don’t personally have a website gig on here, I do know the basics, and depending on what level of work they are doing it may be needed. you can always make a temp password for it and change it afterwords. Your email will record when they log in and out in most cases.

and when the job is done change your password right away.

But as any thing in life its a chance you will take to get things done right. If you don’t have the knowhow and require someone else to have it, you can also use a program like teamviewer to log in yourself so they wont know the log in password…

If they got gleaming reviews from past work trust them but there’s always that small % that you may get burned from it, but its a small chance on here,


thank you all very much for your input!


Please send me your username and password. I have to check your code and design for adding social media icons and more features.



Note : I am Level 2 seller here and it is safe to ask for username and password. You don’t have to worry about it. It is fiverr not facebook. Fiverr has its total support system.


that is what the seller wrote to me and i sent him my user name and password i since changed the password should i delete the whole account


@wackiejackie … you need code job and design? He obviously needs too look at the code and set it up OR insert code for icons and features. If you understand code, just send him the files needed to edit and upload them yourself.

This is normal practice with website coding and design. I can’t say nothing about his liability, but don’t give him nothing unless you order.


This is not uncommon for developer to use FTP access to upload files and make changes.

Since you are saying you are not familiar with internet, you will not be able to set it up if you were given the files to do it yourself.

It takes more time for the developer to explain to you how it should be done than doing it himself.

Learn about creating ftp accounts and access and then create the account for the developer to make changes. Or you can learn how to put the files and just ask for the files. Then you don’t have to give out the info.


Well am into Web design kind of gigs and most times username and password is required in other to get the Job done. I sometime get email password as well for adsense. So it’s not unusual to give these informations here. most sellers wouldn’t want to jeopardize their status here on fiverr just for a website login details


I am into web designing and I tell you, this is very normal if you are going to upload and fix everything on the client’s server or hosting account. I always tell my clients to first change the password to something not related to their general password - anything they like. After I finish the job they can always change the password. So nothing unusual about this.


Reply to @muradbougraine: Hahahaha, bluetooth.


Thank you all !!